Q. Where is the Westies Joggers running club located?
A. We are located 150m west of the footbridge over Henry Lawson Drive at Georges Hall, between Flinders Road and Georges Crescent. Map here.

Q. Can I run as a visitor?
A. Yes, you can come and have a run with us as a visitor in any of our monthly events. Please register online by 5pm Friday so we can have your timing chip ready for you upon arrival arrival.

Q. What running events do Westies Joggers run?
A. Our regular monthly running schedule is:

  • 1st Saturday: 10km Handicap Race - starts from 6:45am (course map)
  • 2nd Saturday: 3.5km Handicap Race - starts from 7:00am (course map)
  • 3rd Saturday: 5km Race - starts at 7:00am (course map)
  • 4th & 5th Saturday: Group Training Session and Group Runs starting at 7:30am

Q. I am not very good / a bit slow / just starting out running... can I still take part in your races?
A. Absolutely! We are a non-elite, family-oriented club with runners and walkers of all ages, abilities & speeds who regularly take part in our races. In fact, the best way to improve is to just get out there and have a go. We also have accredited Athletics NSW run coaches who are happy to give advice on how to improve your running.

Q. Does the club run when it is raining?
A. Yes, we do run. The only time when we don't run is if it is deemed to be dangerous such as flooding, lightning, strong winds that could create hazards with falling trees or branches or similar.

Q. What is a Handicap Race?
A. For the 10km & 3.5km handicap races, each runner is assigned their own start time with the slower runners starting first progressively through to the fastest runners starting last with the aim of giving all runners the same chance of winning the race. Basically, faster runners are giving slower runners a head start. Visitors will be asked to give their estimated time of running 10km or 3.5km so they can be assigned a start time.

Q. Is the handicap races for handicapped people only?
No, the 3.5k & 10k handicap races are open to absolutely everyone of all abilities. The term 'handicap' relates to how the final results are calculated. In a 'handicapped' race, each runner is allocated a 'handicap' time based on their previous race times that is in effect a head start for slower runners over faster runners and gives everyone in the field an equal chance of winning.

For example, a person who runs 10km in 60 minutes is given a 10 minute handicap time and a person who runs 10km in 55 minutes is given a 5 minute handicap time. Then, if the 60 minute runner does the 10km in 58 minutes and the 55 minute runner does the 10km in 54 minutes, it is the 60 minute runner that is declared the winner.

Still confused? Just come along and have a run with us and all will become clear. I promise! :)

Q.How are Westies Joggers running events timed?
A. All our running events are electronically timed using a professional timing system. Each member is issued with their own timing chip that is worn on their shoe that is read as each runner passes over the timing mats at the start and finish. Visitors are loaned a loan timing chip that must be returned at the end of the run.

Q. How do I join?
A. You can join online here, or you can just turn up at one of our regular Saturday morning events. If you have any questions regarding membership email our Registration Officer.

Q. What does it cost to be a part of a friendly family orientated running club?

  • $30 per year for Adults
  • $10 per year for Under-18s
  • $5 lost Timing Chip replacement
  • $2 Weekly Run Fee (pay at canteen)
    (max. per family $5)

Q. What do I get?
A. Membership of Western Districts Joggers & Harriers includes eligibility to win prizes and accumulate points in our regular handicap runs, a copy of the weekly emailed newsletter, and access to other great benefits.

Q. When will my membership expire?
A. The Western Districts Joggers & Harriers membership year is from 1 September to 31 August. All memberships expire on 31 August.

Q. Can I join at any time during the year?
A. Yes, you can join at any time through the membership year from 1st September to 31 August. New members joining from June onwards will pay a reduced membership fee of $10.

Q. Why do I need to pay $2 per run?
A. This goes towards covering club costs such as insurance, lease of the clubhouse, timing equipment etc that enable us to stay open for everyone to enjoy.

Q. Will the club send me a renewal notice each year?
A. We will email you a renewal notice to your registered email address when that membership renewals are due.

Q. What fees are payable for children under 18?
A. If you are under 18 years of age as at 31st August the membership fee is just $10.00 per year.

Q. Do I need to be a member to participate in the regular handicap series?
A. Yes, to accumulate points and be eligible for prizes, you need to be a member of Western District Joggers & Harriers.

Q. Is there a club constitution?
A. Yes, you can view the constitution here.

Q. Do I get a finishers medal?
A. No, we award a trophy to the winner of the monthly handicap races and we award trophies for the end of season results, but we don't give finishers medals to monthly run events. And only club members are eligible for trophies. So, another reason to join!

Q. How do I contact the Westies Joggers Committee?
A. Any question, query, concern or submission to the Westies Joggers Committee can be made directly via email to committee@westiesjoggers.com