Westies Joggers Club Medal

The Westies Joggers Club Medal

5 years ago, the committee rightly proposed we acknowledge our members who participate in every run of the respective club events. 
The award was dubbed the Westies Joggers Club medal, and is something to aspire to, and to be applauded. A reward for consistency and dedication.

Participation in every run, of either the 3.5k, the 5k or the 10k. Not easy to do.
In the first year, we presented medals to only 2 people, with both doubling up and both achieving full participation for the full series across two of our club event series.

In our second year, we presented medals to 10 people with only one able to achieve a double across 2 club event series.

In 2018-19, the 3rd year we had 9 recipients, including a few firsts: our first junior to do so, 3 achieving every event across two competitions and 1 achieving a double for the third occasion (Paul Webb – 3 years in succession, every 5k and 10k).

The 2019-21 competition series just completed 
After the first Covid lockdown commenced in late March 2020 for an unknown period, the decision was taken to extend the 2019-20 series of our competitions to become 2019-21. 

We determined after August 2020 that we should acknowledge our participants who completed all events in of 2019-20 especially given the lockdown during the series, and the dedication displayed to return and achieve participation in every event across the period. And we similarly acknowledged the all-event achievement for the 2020-21 series period. 

So our achievers:
for 2019-20:
in the 3.5 we had 8 participate in all events:
Chris Moynham, Bert Sloan, Pam Kennedy, Dave Kennedy, Siobhan Kelly, Brian Bennett, Ben Swinfield  and Zenita Acaba 
in the 5 we had 4:
Chris Moynham, Paul Webb, Sam Mudie and Sue Reynolds
in the 10k we had 8: 
Joe Borg, Ly Hoang, Paul Webb, Alan Whitmore, Dean Turner, Ben Swinfield, Patrick Wong and Siobhan Kelly.

We had a number complete the double:
the 5 & 10: Paul Webb - for the 4th consecutive year. 
the 3.5 and 5: Chris Moynham.
The 3.5 and 10k: Siobhan Kelly and Ben Swinfield.

for 2020-21:
in the 3.5k we had 10 participate in all events:
Chris Moynham, Robyn Bray, Joe Borg, Shannon Disher, Pam Kennedy, Grace Genca, Siobhan Kelly, Brian Bennett, Gary Mitchell and Tony Sinibaldi 
in the 5k we had 5: 
Chris Moynham, Robyn Bray, Ly Hoang, Paul Webb, and Steve Pappas 
in the 10k we had 10:
Chris Moynham, Joe Borg, Shannon Disher, Ly Hoang, Paul Webb, Steve Pappas, Alain Rivet, Alan Whitmore, Clarence Caraballo and Dean Turner.

We had a number complete the double:
the 5 & 10: Steve Pappas, Ly Hoang and Paul Webb. This is Paul’s 5th consecutive year of not missing a 5 or 10k.
the 3.5 and 5: Robyn Bray.
The 3.5 and 10k: Joe Borg and Shannon Disher.
And for the first time we have one completing the treble: Chris Moyhnam

Congratulations all!