September 10km Handicap Race Plus 3.3km Self-timed Social Run/Walk

Event information

Registrations for this event are closed.

Come run our 10km Handicap Race this Saturday at Lake Gillawarna, Georges Hall

Plus 3.3km Self-timed Social Run/Walk

- Certified 10km course (course map, relive)

- All competitors are to start at their allotted handicap start time

- The clock starts at 6:30 am & 0:00 (GO) is at 7:30 am

- E.g: a handicap time of -1:00 means you start one minute before GO (zero time) at 7:29am

- Any new runners must register online before 5pm Friday

- Any questions please email before 5pm Friday

- Finish line. Runners are to disperse away from the finish area after crossing the finish timing mats.

- Become a member to join our annual competition

- Timing chips. You must be wearing your timing chip to have your time recorded.

- And if it is raining...then yes, we still run! We will have shelter in place for bag storage

Files for download
Hcap - 10k - September23 - Handicap Times - v2 10k Handicap - September 2023 - Chip Times 10k Handicap - September 2023 - Handicap result and Points