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Triumph for Westies at the 6ft Track 45k Run

posted Mar 9, 2013, 1:27 PM by Patrick V
Another year and another triumph for Westies at the 6ft Track 45k run 
Saturday 9 March 2013. 

Six Westies start 6ft and 6 Westies complete 6ft! 

Congratulations you champions: Ben, Mark, Ann, Bill, Rachel and Grant.

This is the 29th running of this event. 45k through the Blue Mountains from Katoomba to Jenolan Caves. Up hills and down dale. Big big hills. River and creek crossings. Cut-off times at several check-points to contend with. 7 hour maximum cut-off. And the run officials called “Sweepers” who, if they catch up with you, can decide that you are not running fast enough to make checkpoint times and can expel you from the event. 

The 2012 run was cancelled just 2 days beforehand when the Cox’s River flooded big time. To get into 2013 event was a contest in itself. Entries to some categories closed within minutes. There were waiting lists. Entries open in November, but if you are on a waiting list you might not know until just weeks beforehand whether you get a start.

804 started, 24 dnf’d and 16 failed to make final cut-off. 

It has been expressed on this website on several occasions: on any day, this is no easy run.

Over the years many many Westies have challenged this course. On most occasions we walk away winners. Not always, but mostly.

For 2013, our starters and their net finishing times are as follows:

  • Ben Swinfield: 5h 34m 36s 
  • Mark Biviano: 5:35:02 
  • Ann Owen: 6:15:17 
  • Bill Rannard: 6:23:39 
  • Rachel Ingram: 6:56:33 
  • Grant Moroney: 6:58:01 

With the cut-off time to finish at 7 hours, Rachel and Grant cut it close. At one stage, both were running with the sweepers. Grant was the last official finisher. 

In this run, it really does not matter what time you do, as long as you finish.

For the record, this was Bill's 20th 6ft track run and he now holds the record for our Westies club record on his own. This was Grant's 9th, Ann's 4th, Mark's 3rd and for Rachel and Ben, their first.

Ben and Rachel we know you will hurt, enjoy that, you have achieved something big, and even bigger congratulations.

Allocades to you all. 

Your fellow Westies members.