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Runners Spring into Four Seasons Race

posted Nov 21, 2010, 5:30 PM by Patrick V   [ updated Nov 22, 2010, 1:05 AM ]
Good weather greeted the Seasoned Runners for the test that really shows who is good by World Standards, taking into account gender and age. The ultimate in "Level Playing Fields" showed that our fastest runner on the day still proved to be the best with 45 year old Lorri Di Lucchio proving too good for a high quality field. This has not always been the case and 2nd and 3rd fastest were displaced by the evergreen 6th and 10th fastest when the formula is applied.

Many of the chronologically challenged runners gained some degree of satisfaction by beating (formula adjusted) those young runners who speed past them on race days. There was however, a good age range overall and in the top dozen it ranged from 14 to 67 with the age range over the event being 13 to 80.

This is the first race of the four race series so it is important to compete in every race to win the point score

Joan Eisenhuth, Race Director for the Four Season Race said that the evening out/level playing field effect of the formula makes this race an interesting one and provides for a number of races in one. It is anticipated that it will grow in popularity.  

A short video clip of the race can be also be viewed on the gallery page.

Courtesy Rob Davidson