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Plaudits for Westies at City to Surf

posted Aug 20, 2011, 8:00 PM by Patrick V   [ updated Aug 20, 2011, 8:06 PM ]
Westies volunteers have been congratulated for a job well done by the Race Director, Fred Taylor,
and other front line organisers. Messages have been conveyed in conversation, by text and by email.

Our Westies volunteers had several duties assigned to them on the big day. We split into teams and the tasks included being marshals at the Start lines, at intersections and closed roads; as well as being information officers and pedestrian cops. No task was more visible than marshalling the ‘Red’ and the “Elite’ start.

Though we are not badged as Westies, it is known by the event organisers that the Western
Districts Joggers and Harriers have that job. The visibility comes with our ‘herding’ the seeded and preferred athletes to prime position in front of the Red line-up.

These super quicks are given the opportunity to warm up, and they move up and down William
Street preparing for their fast starts.

The Westies form a human chain, and move slowly up William St towards the Start, effectively
reducing their area in which the quicks can move and we corral them back to the line. There is a
general reluctance to comply until the last minute. Nearly all want that front line. And then they
do not want to bunch back. This year for the first time there was an official wheelchair start before
the run start, and this required the ‘seeds’ to be behind the line 10 minutes before their go time.

So there was much requesting and some gentle pushing and getting up close, but Westies got the
job done, on time, and on the line. We then hold our position to almost gun time, and then exit

Thank you to the Westies and friends for being there. Every assistance helps and every job is
important. You all did your club proud.

Westies: once again, Job well done !!

by Vic Anderson