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Cycling takes toll on Westies

posted Apr 4, 2011, 3:42 AM by Patrick V   [ updated Apr 4, 2011, 3:47 AM ]
“I get knocked down,
But I get up again,
You're never going to keep me down” 

Prophetic words from the song “Tubthumping” by Chumbawumba …

Westies runners are a sporty lot. Many dabble on the bikes for fitness, triathlon, and/or pleasure.

Unfortunately since February, coming off the bike has become a too regular event for Westies

Thank you to our fellow members for providing the following update.

Steve Pappas started the unwanted trend by colliding with metal fencing on the M7 bikeway and
busted his collarbone and five ribs. Steve had intentions of participating in the China ironman
during May but his injuries have ruled him out. He is still not back to running. Rob Davo was one
called to help Steve collect himself and bike to hospital and home.

Then 3 weeks ago, on a Friday lunchtime, Rob Davidson himself came down over Prospect way.
With no one around, Rob struggled the 100 metres back to the roadside where his daughter came
to his assistance. Thank goodness for mobile phones. Rob’s injuries include a fractured pelvis and
broken ribs. An operation on his birthday and the pelvis was plated. He is now recovering slowly
at home. What hurts Rob the most is not the injuries, but missing his first Port Macquarie/Forster
Ironman in 25 years. Rob, we feel for you.

Then just over a week ago, Kevin Mason was riding around Marrickville with a mate when he was
hit by a car. His injuries are similar to Rob’s – broken ribs & fractured pelvis – but no operation
necessary. Not long ago, Kev had a hip replacement, and that stood up to the impact with no
problems there.

Not long after, down Ulladulla way, Ken Saunders came around a corner and ran into his mate
who had stopped cycling. Ken went down and now has 3 broken ribs. Why was Ken cycling and not
running? Because he needs a knee reconstruction – which is still scheduled for 7 April.

Kev and Ken are both life members and ex-president’s. Kev is still in hospital, and Ken recovering
at home.

We feel for all you guys.

Throw into the mix that last December, a great Westie friend in Paul Croft had also came off his
bike and suffered one broken arm and ligament damage to the other. And in early March, though
not cycling related, Erin Farrell copped a big bump off in netball and she too broke an arm.

We wish you all speedy recoveries and want to hear active reports from all of you real soon.