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Another success for 6ft Track Walk

posted Feb 21, 2014, 2:16 AM by Patrick V   [ updated Feb 21, 2014, 2:41 AM ]
2014 - Another year – another success! 

Numbers might have been down on recent years, yet the achievement, spirit, enjoyment, camaraderie and appreciation were at their highest!

A mix of Westies and friends and associates numbering 28 walked the track while another 6 provided support in the 4 vehicles.

The weather was kinder than recent years, proposing to max at 28 in Katoomba on the Saturday, but at times it did feel hotter, but nowhere near the 40+ of a couple of years ago. We had rain during the night, and the climb out of camp was eerie with the fog of the mountains about, as well as some light rain. It did get cold. Generally the conditions were ideal for walking.

Yet again, special thanks to Joan and Paul Eisenhuth for all their efforts to make this a special weekend. To everyone in the support crew a big big thanks. Geoff, special thanks for being with us yet again.

Highlights of the weekend could include:
  • On the M4, a fellow driver pulling alongside Eiso and telling him he had lost something off his trailer. Eiso had to take an exit and loop back all the way to another on-ramp. Coming up on his lost load, he found his home-constructed bush toilet sitting in the middle of the M4. Oops. Retrieved. Broken. Bunnings. Buy bits incl. a new seat. Continue onto Katoomba. All good.
  • The sweepers losing two of our friends, not realising they were still relaxing in the Coxs River as the sweepers set out for camp. A camp ‘headcount’ revealed the shortage and a vehicle back track found our girls in great spirits walking along chatting away not far out of camp and not aware they were M-I-A.
  • This was the 24th year of the Westies Australia Day weekend walk, and the first time Paul Eiso has walked the 6ft track. He has always been the principal support vehicle driver. Paul declared this to be the best walk he has ever done. He last ran the track in March 1996.
  • No water in the courses prior to Coxs, and the river itself was easily rock-hop-able at the crossing without getting feet wet. On the Coolrunning website, regular track users have declared the track the driest they have seen it.
  • The youngest walker was Jack Eisenhuth – 7 years old – who walked with his father Colin. The oldest was Bert Sloan – 75 years young.
  • First timers et alia greatly appreciating the cheers and clapping as they took their last steps on the pathway completing their walk.
  • As mentioned by a couple: ‘the whole camp get-together-ness’ around the fire after dinner.
  • Joan and Kate setting up the ‘bacon sandwich and coffee stop’ at Bindii Huts was the absolute winner for those caught out in the cold and wet.
  • A feedback survey (comments follow) yielding NOT ONE NEGATIVE comment. Every comment was praiseworthy, and ‘Joan and Paul are especially to be congratulated’.

Rob Davo has compiled an album of photos contributed to by a number of our walkers.

Next year marks 25 years of the Westies walk. Paul is wanting to make it special and to try and organise some of our ‘walk pioneers and workers’ to be there, as well as a special ‘silver’ toilet seat to mark #25 (Paul did announce a gold one, but he has since been wised to 25 = silver).

Feedback comments:
  • “As always, very well organized and very enjoyable”.
  • “Love it. An elation”.
  • “Enjoyed everything and had fun”.
  • “Great people, great time, great walk”.
  • ""Well organised. Brilliant. Support Crew brilliant. Every Westies should try it. Back next year”.
  • “Brilliant. So positive. Fun. Pleasure and pain. It hurt so good. Very social. Personal”.
  • Interesting storytelling and conversations that levelled the steepest hill”.
  • “Everyone super. Generous. Lovely. Support team fabulous. I learnt about blister management”.
  • “Terrific. A real physical challenge. Great time to bond with some Westies mates. Very professional. Very happy to be part of it. Best way to do it with others that have done it before”.
  • “All positive, supportive, encouraging. Nothing negative”.
  • “Fantastic. Old legs not as young as they used to be. Best part: sitting in the stream on Saturday”.
Words courtesy Vic Anderson; photos courtesy Rob Davidson

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