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Saunders Cup

The Saunders Cup is a knock out competition, held in conjunction with the regular 10km and 3.5km handicaps. There are separate awards for each handicap. Latest results are at the foot of this page.
All handicap participants are allocated an opponent (or, in the first round, it may be more than one opponent) and the person who finishes first on handicap will proceed to the next round.
In Round 1 there may a group of runners but only one runner proceeds to Round 2.
The Saunders Cup is based completely on the existing relevant handicaps. All decisions are based on handicap positions. Times are not considered.

The Saunders Cup was started to honour a long-serving president of our club. It was originally run over 5km on the third Saturday of the month.
The Saunders Cup is incorporated in the handicap races. It gives some of the runners who have missed a number of runs some incentive to stick with it, and gives runners who have joined the handicap part of the way through the series a chance to be competitive. 

It may also be an opportunity for runners who, due to various commitments, cannot complete at least 10 of the 12 runs in the series on the usual handicap day in the later stages of the handicap. For our final handicap in August each year, Round 4, there will be four competitors in each handicap competing for the Saunders Cup. Round 3 will consist of 8 competitors, Round 2 will have 16 competitors and everyone will be included in groups in Round 1.
The early rounds will be conducted during the months which will give maximum opportunity for participation. This will vary from year to year. When setting the calendar every attempt will be made to avoid Easter, school holidays, and clashes with other events which are popular with a number of club members.

Former Club President, Ken Saunders

What do members have to do to participate? No special entry is necessary, runners just need to show up and run to the best of their ability on their usual handicap day.

What if a runner’s opponent doesn’t show up? In the first round, they proceed to Round 2. For the second and third rounds there will be a “lucky losers” list and runners will be allocated to fill vacant positions. This will be done when the results are in, so both the runner and the lucky loser won’t know until the results are posted. 

So lucky losers, particularly those near the top of the list, may still be in the competition, and no-one should assume that they have no opponent. For the final round, it will only be the four winning runners from Round 3, and possibly a lucky loser if both competitors in one bracket fail to compete in Round 3.

What if a runner is knocked out?
There will be a priority list of “lucky losers” and those people will slot into any vacant positions in Rounds 2 & 3. Lucky losers are the people who are beaten by a small margin (e.g. a few positions) who will go on to a priority list for inclusion in the following round, if there are runners who don’t show up. This ensures that after the first round there are no free rides.

Those who lose by the smallest margin go first. If margins are the same, the person who finishes higher up the handicap takes priority.

What if a runner misses a round?
Unfortunately, that’s the end of their Saunders Cup campaign for that season.

You can find out more about the Saunders Cup by contacting Lyn O'Mara.
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