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Handicap Races

Westies Joggers offers a monthly 3.5km and a 10km handicap race. 

A brief explanation of the handicap system is shown below, or you may choose to read about the handicap system in detail.

What is a handicap race?
Handicap races encourage participants of all abilities to take part in the same race, with each participant having an equal chance of winning. 

In the race itself, the participants don't start at go, but the starts are staggered based on the handicaps. The slowest runner/walker starts first and the fastest starts last, making for an exciting race finish. An ideal handicap race is one in which all participants finish at the same time. 

First time participants are asked to estimate their time for their chosen distance of 3.5km or 10km. During the first few runs in either series, participants are in a qualifying stage - their times are recorded and assessed by the handicappers. During this qualifying stage, if a runners time varies significantly, an additional qualifying run may be added.

After qualifying, a runner is eligible for point scores and prizes. A runners time is recorded each month, and the individual handicap is re-assessed after each event. Start times, and any adjusted handicaps, are advised to runners by email before the next event.  3.5km and 10km event results are posted after the event on this site.

By using the handicap format at the Westies Joggers 3.5km and 10km events, slow walkers can compete against fast runners on an equal footing.