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Lisa Bennett - Born Again Runner!

posted Aug 2, 2014, 3:14 AM by Patrick V

The Bennetts’ Story, by Lisa

I was always meant to be a runner, Athletics runs deep in my family...the niece of a Sydney 2000 Olympic volunteer!!

I used to enjoy running in my early years, and would compete in High School cross country events and did the 1985 City to Surf when I was 17 but for a variety of reasons, university, work, boyfriends and travel it would be nearly twenty eight years before I fully embraced running.

In 2012 wanting to improve my fitness and lose a couple of kilos I started running again. I found that I felt healthier, enjoyed the running and after only a few months at the age of 44 I finally ran my second City to Surf.

Over the next 12 months I could be seen pounding the streets of Panania on an almost daily basis as I built up my speed and endurance. Wanting to test myself against others I entered a number of 10km fun runs and did my first half marathon in Canberra in April 2013.

In May 2013 I decided to enter the Heart of the Lake. This was my first local fun run, supported by my family I won first female in the 40-49 age group and received a beautiful medal, the most precious of my collection. It was a great day and the enthusiasm and friendliness of the Westies steered me in my decision to join. The very next week I turned up and was thrown straight into the deep end of a 10k handicap. I was immediately hooked! Just over 12 months later I am still endeavouring to win a handicap!

Since then I have got around to doing the City to Surf again and beat my seventeen year old self with a time of 63:36 just showing that you are never to old start running or for that matter too young! My 11 year old son Dylan and 8 year old daughter Cate have now become Saturday morning regulars at the Westies and Cate has even managed to win the 3.5k handicap, one of our most proudest moments.

It has not always been plain sailing with my running and I was forced to not run for three months last summer as I recovered from a stress fracture, but despite not being able to run I still enjoyed being a part of the Westie’s family and supporting the kids.

Dylan and Cate are so keen to run that on Saturday mornings that they are dressed and ready to leave the house at 7am regardless of the weather! Coming to the running club has given them confidence and has helped them with their athletics at school. Both Dylan and Cate have represented the school district cross country and will soon represent their school at the district athletics carnival in a number of running events. Cate won 3rd place in the female 9 years age category at the Heart of the Lake fun run this year.

On Sunday September 7th I will be taking part in the Hidden Half Marathon at Lake Gillawarna, whilst Dylan and care are excited to be doing the Mayoral 3k walk/run. Fingers crossed it will be Dylan’s turn to come home with a medal.

There are two others I haven’t mentioned my husband Paul and 6 year old daughter Sophie, who make it possible for us to get to those early morning starting line ups and are always at the finish line, usually standing next to the sausage sizzle stand!

One day maybe they will get the running bug and join us but I suspect there is more chance of them being volunteers at the Rio Olympics.