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Six Foot Track Walk History

The Six Foot Track Walk started in 1991 over a cup of tea in Joan Eisenhuth's kitchen with Paul Eisenhuth and Les Hunt present.

At the time the trio were all training to race the Six Foot Track Marathon. Les then suggested that he and a friend, Lourie Little, had been talking about walking the Six Foot Track for training and seeing what it was like, but the logistics of it would be hard to do without sufficient water and food and transport to and from the start/finish.

Paul suggested that he and Joan use their 4WD which they had just purchased. A plan was hatched and the trio asked who would like to go.  Around 20 people went the first year. Upon returning from a holiday, the trio picked up two BBQ chickens, a carton of beer and some soft drink, and off they went. 

Les, Paul and the four Eisenhuth children went in with a small bus load of self sufficient walkers. Paul took all the packs from Explorers Tree and met everyone at Little River, whilst Joan walked with Les. Paul had Tom, Dan, Dave and Katie with him for ages. Tom was 10 years old, Dan nearly 9, Dave 8, Kate just six-and-a-half years old. 

It was chicken sandwiches for tea, and of course the Hilton. Walkers catered for themselves and there were many camp fires, the loo was behind any big bush they could find and with paper and shovel off they went. This was refined to the current system of someone digging the toilet and then burying the contents of it. 

The number of campfires and people using 'bush toilets' everywhere became an issue when the organisers had to monitor the camp fires and clean up the next day to make sure the bush campsite was left the same as they found it, minus the little paper mounds behind bushes. So the BBQ came into existence and also solved the total fire ban issue.

Over the years, food on offer has gone from sausages and bread to today's fine spread which in 2010 was akin to dining in a fine restaurant. Drinks were also provided enroute on Day 1 at the Cox's River crossing.

If a walker was in distress and needed a quick trip back to the campsite this was done over the years by the drivers and Joan's sons on their motorbikes.  Nowadays this is done using their cars and they have grown up with this walk, with Dan and Dave not having missed any. Tom now lives in England and Kate is also there at the time of writing in 2010.

Many stories can be told about previous walks and great friendships have been made. But none of this would have happened without the great workers that come on this walk or the drivers of the 4WD.

Over the years there have been many drivers. In 2010, on the 20th Annivesary walk, it was Paul, Les Hunt, and Geoff Parish who travelled from Bathurst to drive. Doug Fulford let us use his big F2-50. Dan and his Toyota, Dave and his Toyota, Adam Henley who drove Doug's truck were all fine and appreciated helpers. 

There was also Joe Dimech who supplied the water barrels for extra water in 2010 and his truck. The Toyota Landcruiser appeared in its twentieth year of service and Tony Farrell's 4WD was driven by Steve, his mate.

These guys carry all of the walkers packs and tents into camp, set up camp and try to get to the Cox's as soon as possible with fresh supplies of water and soft drink and remarkably even a cold beer! In 2010 there were also fruit and muffins waiting.

Narell Lee and Joan Eisenhugh do all of the grocery shopping on the Thursday night prior to the walk.  This takes four trolleys and there's also a pallet load of soft drink and water picked up at the loading dock. They receive an awful lot of strange looks. 

Over the years, Lilly Reid and Margaret Brower have had the privilege of helping. Narell Wilhelm and her exceptional voice runs the camp kitchen so beware of any transgressions - she has a mean right hook according to Joan! Pat Cuninghame also helped out on several walks, at least five over the years, and was a great help to all. It is her Camp Kitchen that we use today.

Rob Ellison and Barbra Awad (2010 being her first volunteer roll and first time camping) had a great night in 2010 and are coming back in 2011.

The Sweepers and BBQ cooks in 2010 were Vic Anderson and Tony Farrell. Mick KIlham, who has been Sweeper for nearly all the walks was unable to attend in 2010.  Without Vic and Steve, the walkers wouldn't eat meat.  Steve also helped cook. 

There are so many little jobs that get attended to it is hard to give the full picture of all the work that goes on. In 2010 there were many first aid helpers including Vic, Geoff, Narell, Tony, Joe and Corrine; all of them whether supporting or walking were ready to step up if needed.

It takes a day to load, and most of the day to unpack the Landcrusiers and trailers, including jobs like cleaning them, and storing the clubs gear and going to the tip, and finally taking the tents back to Lake.

Sheila Foley kindly handles all the entry forms and collects them for Joan. It takes months of organising and it is appreciated when organisers have early numbers as it helps us to cater for everyone.  

The information in this article was kindly supplied by Joan Eisenhuth, 2010.