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2018 February 3.5km handicap results

Quick results


  • better conditions than recent months – reflected in best times for a while for many runners
  • 74 starters – a 3.5k record
  • 7 new members having their 1st run, 5 visitors having a trial run, 4 new members having their 2nd run
  • 22 bettered handicap, including 11 qualified runners
  • 14th runner across the mat wins the trophy
  • Many pbs ... refer Chip Time Report


I have not fully analysed results for all pbs and best times as yet. Full results and report will be emailed during the week.


Handicap results:

1st:  Alex Bucci – 16:19 – a 36s pb

2nd:  Sabrina Peng – 14:52 – best time since Apr’17

3rd:  Ly Hoang – 16:52 – a 36s pb


Thank you and congratulations to everyone that participated.


A special mention to our first qualifiers across the mat with great improvements they broke the 30 minute threshold. First across the mat was junior Zoe Turner with a 2m 32s pb in 23:11. A great run Zoe. Great effort. Very well done.

And following in not far behind were Chris Moynham and Reg Sexton, both crossing with the time of 30:05, and only 9 one-hundredth’s separating their finish this go; their 3rd so-close-finish in their last 3 events together.


A special thank you as always to Chris for setting up the water table. Thank you to our members who helped set-up and take down and a special thanks to Davo for the course markings.



Fastest on course:


Vateesh Chand – 12:59

Steve Pappas – 13:12

David Riches – 13:16



Sabrina Peng – 14:52

Alex Bucci – 16:19

Cathy Cox – 16:21 – a 20s pb



Jack Wedgwood – 14:03

Nathan Trinh – 17:50

Brianna Lee – 18:05



There are 2 reports attached:

  • the “Across the Line” report
  • the “Chip Time” report


Random draw prizes – won by: #49 Christine Burke, #8 Reg Sexton and # 26 Sam Mudie. The lucky tickets were won by Dot SiepmannTony Farrell and Bert Sloan.Awad.




Patrick V,
Feb 17, 2018, 9:19 PM
Patrick V,
Feb 17, 2018, 9:19 PM