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2017 September 3.5km handicap results

with Vic Anderson

Results at foot of page.

September 3.5k handicap – detailed report

  • 55 starters
  • 12 requalifying
  • 10 bettered handicap
  • 6 pbs

We had 55 starters in perfect conditions for running. A great field for the first run of the 2017-18 series. The series will be run across the 12 months of the year, on the second Saturday every month. The series handicap winner will be determined by the best 9 scores from the 12 scores possible.


With the new series commencing, we saw 12 members returning and requalifying, most after missing the last few “Winter’ runs, and four others from a longer time out. 


First to cross the mat was Chris Moynham, having his best result in the handicap since October’16. His time of 28:53 took him by 37 seconds under the eligibility threshold. Too quick Chris. A great effort for a great result but too quick for the handicapper. Well done mate.


Next to cross the mats was the requalifying Lauren OsborneLauren returned her best time, 33:44, since March’17.


Next home was Margaret Re, returning to the handicap after an absence of exactly two years. Margaret’s time of 19:08 was a better result than she expected.


The next to cross the mats was our trophy winnerAntonina Fieni, in her pb time of 21:02. Last month Ant had pb’d with a 21:33 which had been a 6 sec improvement on her best time some 14 months earlier. Back from crewing for a great Trailwalker team, maybe she was inspired. Maybe the inspiration came from Di’s pre-race pep talk: “You’ve got this, just do it”. On that first morning when Ant came to the Lake over two years ago, she stated that one day she wanted to be able to run our Festival 3k. Now look at you, a handicap winner. Congratulations Ant.


Running in 3 seconds behind, and coming fast, in 2nd was Cathy Cox, in a time only 2 secs off her pb ran in October’16. Cathy’s time 16:43.


And then 3 secs and coming home quicker, and another re-qualifier, was Stephanie Bilic, in 14:27. This run was her best time since January’16 (14:25). Steph is the current female course recorder at 14:04.


And then officially 3rd was the quickest of the lot, David Riches, powering home in 12:11. Dave starts at the back of the pack and managed to catch and pass 48 on his way to the line.


Lisa Sommer came in next in 18:33 and her best since August ’16.

Cate Bennett followed with her 3rd pb in as many runs with 15:45.

Arlene Caraballo rounded out first 10 home with her best result in 4 months, 22:18.


And these were the 10 that bettered handicap.


Besides Ant and Cate with their pbs, we also had:

Dominic Osborne (7years old), in 19:25, a 44s pb on his best back in April, and first time under 20:00 minutes

Lucia Condos, in 29:42, and a 1m11secs pb

Ly Hoang in 17:31 with a 1:19 pb

and Mary Sheehan, in 15:49, a 2sec pb.


Fantastic running and effort by everyone that participated.


Fastest on course were:

Male:  David Riches  in 12:11,  Vateesh Chand 13:13,  Tim Gale-Re  13:57

Female:  Stephanie Bilic  14:27,  Sabrina Peng  15:14,  Cate Bennett  15:45

Juniors:  Cate Bennett  15:45,  Kayley Sommer 16:32,  Taylah Sommer 17:48 


Random draws:  #6  Stephanie Bilic  &  #50  Jasmine Ching (which chocolates do I want?).

Lucky ticketJohn Child – who chose the red wine.



Thank you to all so much for participating. All did great. Thanks to everyone for helping with the set-up and wrap-up of the handicap.

Patrick V,
Oct 1, 2017, 8:58 PM
Patrick V,
Oct 1, 2017, 8:58 PM
Patrick V,
Oct 1, 2017, 8:58 PM
Patrick V,
Oct 1, 2017, 8:58 PM
Patrick V,
Oct 1, 2017, 8:58 PM