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2017 May 3.5km handicap results

May 3.5k handicap – detailed report

·        49 starters (48 last month)

·        10 pbs (10)

·        22 bettered or equalled handicap (21)

·        2 new participants (2)

·        106 have now participated in this series, and

·        4 have participated in every event to date


We had 49 starters in ideal conditions. For the third month running more than 20 bettered their handicap, and this go, again, with 10 achieving pbs.


First to cross the mat was Sarah Plunkett, a new member running in her first event with the club, and doing way way better than her expectations. Second in, was Sandra Richesagain smashing handicap (by 2m20s). Third to cross was Pam Ortiz, our second newbie for the day, likewise bettering expectation by just over the minuteAnd fourth, Dot Siepmann, again almost 2 minutes under handicap. Sandra and Dot continue to significantly lower handicaps with each run. Going very well ladies. Keep up the great efforts and bringing those times down. These ladies did too well, and again unfortunately bettering the 1 minute tolerance allowed to go under handicap (31:00) and were ineligible for the trophy. 


And welcome to the club Sarah and Pam.


Next to cross the mats was our trophy winnerLisa Wedgwood in her pb time of 24:19. Lisa is another picking up the pbs in recent months, this go, a 49s improvemet on last go. Congratulations Lisa. 

Next home was Stephanie Bilic running off a re-adjusted handicap on request.

Next to come home and officially 2nd was Sam Mudie running her best time since her pb back in June’15.

And crossing 3rd was Bill Rannard, another collector of pbs, and this go, with 49s pb on his March run.


All up 22 bettered handicap. Pbs. Best times for lengthy periods. Continually improving times from the injured. Another great juggling job Rob. Well done.


All up 10 participants produced pbs:

Cate Bennett, 16:23, 14s on Dec’15 best

Clarence Caraballo, 18:44, 19s on Jul’15 best

Vateesh Chand, 12:53, 21s on Apr’17

Lianne Christall, 17:51, 19s on Apr’17

Doug Fulford, 23:08, 37s on Apr’17

Michelle Lambkin, 17:42, 26s on Apr’17

Bill Rannard, 17:46, 49s on Mar’17

Ben Swinfield, 13:31, 10s on Aug’16

Sue White, 16:18, 23s on Dec’16

And our winner, Lisa Wedgwood, 24:19, 49s for Apr’17



Fastest on course were:

David Riches in 12:15,  Vateesh Chand  12:53,  Ben Swinfield  13:31

Raff Aquilina  15:48,  Sue White  16:18,  Cate Bennett  16:23



There are a few reports attached, courtesy of Rob E, including:

·        the Monthly result complete with points scored

·        the watch/chip times with a history of runs on the current course

·        the progressive point-score table

·        the progressive fastest male point-score

·        the progressive fastest female point-score


The 3 progressive point-scores are close competitions, and still early days. It is the best nine of twelve scores that matter. 106 have participated so far in the handicap and 4 have completed all 8 runs to date.

Handicap Pointscore:

Bill Rannard  1161,  Lianne Christall  1159,  Sandra Riches  1152.

Fastest Male Pointscore:

David Riches  60,  Ben Swinfield  52,  Dean Turner  48.

Fastest Female Pointscore:

Raff Aquilina  54,  Mary Sheehan  49,  Sabrina Peng  48.



Random draws:  Mother’s Day special – Bill Rannard and John Storey.

Lucky ticketMark Southwell


Thank you to all so much for participating. All did great. Thanks to everyone for helping with the set-up and wrap-up of the handicap.



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Jun 18, 2017, 2:59 AM
Patrick V,
Jun 18, 2017, 2:59 AM
Patrick V,
Jun 18, 2017, 2:59 AM
Patrick V,
Jun 18, 2017, 2:59 AM