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2017 June 3.5km handicap results

June 3.5k handicap – detailed report

·        35 starters (49 last month)

·        10 bettered handicap (22)

·        6 pbs (10)

·        6 ran their best time in the 2016-17 series (since Sept'16 incl) and

·        and only 1 memberDean Turner, has run all handicaps (10) in this 3.5k series. Well done Dean.


We had 35 starters in what started out as very wet conditions, and I am sure this influenced a few to stay in bed. To everyone that rocked up and participated, well done. The weather is what it is.


To everyone that helped set up, really appreciated, starting with Rob D, Paul W and Cheryl setting up the shelter at 6:00 in the rain. We must keep the timing box dry at all times and the team effort so early was a winner.


First to cross the mat was Jasmine Ching, having her second run in the handicap. Jasmine started with dad, and despite mum saying “stay with dad, and if you fall behind just chase him”. The unspoken third option was “if you get ahead of dad ...” and that is exactly what happened, and dad chased.


Next to cross the mats was our trophy winnerDi Hillsdon. Di ran her best time, 22:03, crossing the mat in 36:02, just 2 seconds over the eligibility threshold, and her best time since Oct’16. Well done Di, congratulatios. And the trivia statement: last month you crossed the mats in 35th place. This run we had 35 starters. There has to be some predictive symmetry in this ???


Next to come home and officially 2nd was Alan Ching running a pb, 1m08s faster than his best in October’16. Congratulations Adam. Adam tried hard to catch and pass dad, and catch big sister. Adam was happy as because he beat both mum and dad home. Sis was just more in her running groove today. Congratulations Adam.

And crossing 3rd was Sandra Riches, with her best since Oct’16. Well done Sandra.


All up 10 bettered handicap. Pbs and best times for lengthy periods.


To round out the first 10 home::

Trevor Ching – pb -  25s on Feb’17 best

Gina Jessop – best since Jan’16

Ismael Salazar – pb - 19s on May’16

Greg White – constantly thereabouts this time

Jacqui Viterale –  just seconds off her pb set in Mar’17

Mark Wedgwood – best since Jan’16


Fastest on course were:

Vateesh Chand  in 13:08,  Ben Swinfield  14:06,  Jack Wedgwood  14:31

Mary Sheehan  15:51,  Raff Aquilina  15:52,  Jacqui Viterale  16:13  .... on run day I announced Gina as 3rd quickest. Apologies to Jacqui. There wasn’t much in it, simply my misread. Again, apologies to Jacqui.



There are a few reports attached, courtesy of Rob E, including:

·        the Monthly result complete with points scored

·        the progressive point-score table

·        the progressive fastest male point-score

·        the progressive fastest female point-score

·        and again, the chip times with a history of runs on the current course



The 3 progressive point-scores are close competitions, and finally getting to the pointy end. It is the best nine of twelve scores that matter. 106 have participated so far in the handicap.

Handicap Pointscore:

Sandra Riches  1350,  Lianne Christall  1347,  Bill Rannard  1340. A shuffling of the deck from last month.  

Fastest Male Pointscore:

David Riches  70,  Ben Swinfield  61,  Dean Turner  55  and  Vateesh Chand  54.

Fastest Female Pointscore:

Raff Aquilina  63,  Mary Sheehan  59,  Sabrina Peng  48.



Random draws:  #29  Peter Di Michiel – who chose a red wine.

Lucky ticketSamy Mudie – who chose the maltesers, apparently the secret training preference of a 100k finisher.



Thank you to all so much for participating. All did great. Thanks to everyone for helping with the set-up and wrap-up of the handicap.

Patrick V,
Jun 18, 2017, 3:14 AM
Patrick V,
Jun 18, 2017, 3:14 AM
Patrick V,
Jun 18, 2017, 3:15 AM
Patrick V,
Jun 18, 2017, 3:15 AM