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2017 April 3.5km handicap results

48 starters

·        10 pbs

·        21 bettered or equalled handicap

·        2 new participants

·        103 have now participated in this series, and

·        6 have participated in every event to date


We had 48 starters in ideal conditions to be out & about. For the second month running (like the pun?) there were again 21 who bettered their handicap, and this go, with 10 achieving pbs.


First to cross the mat was Sandra Riches, almost 2 minutes under handicap, from Dot Siepmann likewise well under handicap, both continuing their improvements on comebacks from injury. Going very well ladies. Keep up the great efforts and bringing those times down. Next home running her 3rd qualifier was Lisa Wedgwood, for years supporting her boys, and now having a run herself and going well (big pb). Then, Erin Farrell having her first run since March ’14. Then Taylah Sommer with a 39s pb to go under 17:00m for the first time, and this was her best since May’16.

These ladies all did too well, all unfortunately bettering the 1 minute tolerance allowed to go under handicap (31:00) and were ineligible for the trophy. 


Next to cross the mats was our trophy winnerCharlie Peng in his pb time of 25:03. Charlie, 10 years old, has been running the handicaps for 12 months now with several runs in the 26s and 25s. He was not aware he was the winner until announced, and wasn’t he a very happy boy. Well done Charlie. Congratulations mate. 


Next home and officially 2nd was Desie Joannides; Desie was the trophy winner in her last run (January) and was handicap adjusted to that time. On the morning of the run (April), Desie advised handicapper Rob that her running was getting stronger and suggested that she should be handicapped more severely. Rob delayed her start time accordingly. Desie accepted that challenge and ran 1m30s quicker than her last outing. Well done Desie. Love your style.


And crossing 3rd was another junior, Dominic Osborne. Still 6 years old on run day. Now 7 on the 23rd (happy birthday Dominic). Dominic ran his pb time of 20:09. Well done mate. Great effort!


It pays to run all the way to the line, as Dom stayed in front of a fast finishing field, 2 seconds later Pat Lewis (pb), 4 seconds to Pam Green (lowering her time for the 4th successive event, this time by over a minute), 1 second ahead ofPeter Di Michiel (pb), 2 seconds from Vicki Fulford, 1 second to Owen Forest-Jones (best run since December’15), 2 seconds to Lianne Christall (pb) ... and there were still another 7 runners that bettered handicap this run.


All up 21 bettered handicap. Who would be a handicapper? Pbs. Best times for lengthy periods. Continually improving times from the injured. Really great job Rob. Well done.


All up 10 participants produced pbs:

Vateesh Chand ran his best for the 2nd month running, 13:14.

Lianne Christall ran a 13s pb for 18:10

Peter Di Michiel 17s for 19:35

Doug Fulford 34s for 23:45

Michelle Lambkin 22s for 18:08

Pat Lewis 30s for 17:31

Dominic Osborne 26s for 20:09

Taylah Sommer 39s for 16:59

Lisa Wedgwood 1m43s for 25:08

And our winner, Charlie Peng 50s pb for 25:03.


Fastest on course were:

David Riches in 12:09, Vateesh Chand  13:14Ben Swinfield  13:43

Sabrina Peng 14:50,  Raff Aquilina 15:49, Jacqui Viterale 16:18.



There are a few reports attached, courtesy of Rob E, including:

·        the Monthly result complete with points scored

·        the watch/chip times with a history of runs on the current course

·        the progressive point-score table

·        the progressive fastest male point-score

·        the progressive fastest female point-score


The 3 progressive point-scores are close competitions, and still early days. It is the best nine of twelve scores that matter. 103 have participated so far in the handicap and 6 have completed all 7 runs to date.

Handicap Pointscore:

Lianne Christall  971,  Bill Rannard  966,  Ron Stitzinger  958,  Sandra Riches  953  and  Raff Aquilina 952.

Fastest Male Pointscore:

David Riches  50,  Ben Swinfield  44,  Dean Turner  41.

Fastest Female Pointscore:

Sabrina Peng  48,  Raff Aquilina  44  and  Mary Sheehan  42.


Thank you to all so much for participating. All did great. Thanks to everyone for helping with the set-up and wrap-up of the handicap.



A special mention for 2 of our 3.5kers

Firstly Arlene Caraballo. Arlene was missing from the 3.5k last Saturday week. This was the first occasion that she has missed a run this series. Why? She was off to Canberra to run her first half marathon. I don’t have complete 3k/ 3.4k/ 3.5k handicap histories, but I do have records that show that Arlene was running the 3.4k back in June 2011, and then took a break from running. She resumed the 3.5k in March 2015. Recently, Arlene asked if she could run in the 10k, and she ran the March 2017 handicap; she backed up again in April; and one week later was in Canberra. We swapped emails after her run and the happiness of her achievement was evident. Congratulations Arlene. Fantastic result.


And another having a BIG go on the big scene is Pat Lewis. Pat is a quiet achiever with her handicap runs. My records show Pat has been running in the 3.4k/3.5k for at least near 4 years, missing rarely, and 3 of her last 4 runs have been pbs. Pat is currently competing and representing Australia in the World Masters Games being conducted in Auckland NZ, from 22 – 30 April. Pat is competing in both track (3) and field (3) athletics, and open water and pool swimming events, at least 11 events all up. Wishing you the very best Pat.





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