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2016 May 3.5km handicap results

Very obviously, the cooler conditions contributed to improved running times. Saturday morning’s minimum was 5.8 degrees and the coldest morning at the Lake since 1 September 2015.

We had:

  • · 57 starters
  • · 14 ran their pb; and
  • · 24 bettered their handicap.

We had 5 newbies to the 3.5k. Marly Greenwood, Praneesh & Vateesh Chand, Charlie Peng and Luke Attard. Welcome to Westies. We had a couple of returnees, Ann Eckert and Mark Jennings, and we had a couple running their second qualifiers.

First home was Marly Greenwood having her first run and at a pace quicker than estimated. Good run Marly.

We then had a sprint to the finish line, with Ismael Herreno just, and only just beating home Rebekah Naklah, both crossing with the same gun time of 36:00 (split by the fractions of a second), and clock time of 30:00, which is right on threshold and the winnable mark. One second faster and both would have been too good for the win & dq’d. (You can only break the 31:00 minute mark by a maximum of one minute to remain eligible for the trophy).

Ismael is our trophy winner running a 47sec pb to finish with 16m10s. Congratulations Ismael. You are the champ for May!

Rebekah was 2nd. This was Rebekah’s 4th run in the handicap, and each run has been a pb, this go a 1m06s improvement for a 22:57 result. Well done Rebekah. Keep up the great effort.

Next home was another of our newbies, Vateesh Chand, in a quick time of 15:03.

Then came Adam Zidan, officially 3rd for the 2nd month running, both times with a pb, this go with a 50s improvement for a time of 21:06. Adam’s last 4 runs have been pbs. Keep up the great effort mate.

Then Praneesh Chand, having his first run and finished 2 places behind dad in a great time of 13:12. This was the 2ndquickest time of the day.

There were many great runs out there:

  • Craig Burns knocked 2 secs off his pb ran back in November
  • Clarence Caraballo knocked 27 secs off his pb likewise run last November
  • Sue Chenery ran her best time since last November
  • November must have been a good month
  • Norm Cooper, our only 80+ runner, ran his best since last September, 22:11
  • Di Hillsdon, best time since October
  • Mike O’Mara, a 10sec pb on last month’s
  • Sabrina Peng, our fastest female on the day ran a 24s pb to record 14:36.
  • Taylah Sommer ran a 37s pb on her best last October
  • Kayley Sommer ran a 26s pb
  • Corey Sommer ran a 35s pb
  • Mark Wedgwood, a 30s pb for a 15:18
  • Greg White, his best since last November
  • Raewyn Williams. Best since last October
  • the Zidan family, Adam with his 3rd placing and 50s pb, sister Danielle, a 1:00 pb , and mum Hanna, a 3sec pb.

Our fastest outright on the day was David Riches, with another 12:05, not far off his 12:00 course record.

The winner of the random spot prize was Ron Klinker.

Thanks to Rob Ellison and Lisa Bennett for organising the handicap. Thank you to everyone that helped with setups and packing away on the morning.
Patrick V,
Jun 18, 2016, 3:36 AM
Patrick V,
Jun 18, 2016, 3:36 AM