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2016 June 3.5km handicap results

by Vic Anderson

The run on Saturday was the re-scheduled event from a fortnight ago when we deemed the pathway not suitable to conduct a safe race. Recent emails detailed the Westies liaisons with Council and we are indebted to Bankstown Council for their work to restore the pathways post flood.

When riding on the pathways en-route to the clubhouse on Saturday morning, as he always does pre 6:00am and these months obviously in the dark, Paul Webb found another tree had come down, by literally riding into the branches and foliage. Davo checked this out and with the help of a couple of locals who were out walking, pulled the tree clear and opened the path and therefore the course.

One big tree remained across the course, and Davo coned the detour. This detour would have added a few seconds to run times for all; so pb’ers can take a little extra pleasure from their result.

Saturday morning at 7:30am, the temperature was 6 degrees with a wind chill to reduce the air temperature to 2 degrees. Some say ideal conditions for a quick run, others do not agree and reckon it was too cold. Well done to everyone that participated.

The race:

· 48 starters (57 last month)

· 9 pbs (14)

· 4 new starters (5)

· 13 bettered handicap (24)

This month saw 48 starters competing including four 10kers having their first run in the ‘glamour’ event: Sue Reynolds, Ben Swinfield, Chris Moynham and Dean Turner. We had two re-qualifiers.

The first 2 runs of new starters are ‘qualifiers’; in these runs our qualifiers are not eligible for the trophy. Re-qualifiers are participants who have missed at least the last 3 runs. They too, are not eligible for the trophy.

The handicaps are set to bring everyone across the line in 31 minutes. We have a performance tolerance of one minute, meaning: if you better handicap by greater than one minute, you unfortunately make yourself ineligible for the trophy, but the effort really has to be applauded. Running to the best of one’s ability will always be rewarded in the long term.

So our trophy winner would be the first eligible entrant to cross the line from 30:00 onwards.

13 bettering handicap and 9 pbs.

The first to cross the finish line this month was Sue Reynolds in her first qualifying run in the 3.5k, and continuing the great results coming her way in all events, the results of her dedicated training efforts.

The next home, officially 1st and our trophy winner was Rebekah Nakhla. Rebekah was pipped in the final stride last month and just so missed the win, so a win this go, albeit necessitating an even better result, was a just reward. Rebekah ran a 36 second pb. She is another to have run 4 pbs from her last 5 runs. (Déjà vu with recent winner Lara Reynolds; a second place previously and 4 pbs). Rebekah last month ran 22:57, this go 22:21. Well run Rebekah. Great outcome.

Coming in 2nd was Paul Croft, a turnaround from being a real back of the packer in May when he ran 23:45. This month 20:37, which was a one second pb for Paul. This current course has been the handicap course since February 2014. Paul has only run sub 21 once previously, in March 15, when he ran his long-time pb, and hasn’t come close since. This run, a beauty! Hopefully, we do not have to wait another 2 years for a 20 minute run. J

And coming home in 3rd, 1 second behind, was Antonina Fieni in her pb run. This was Antonina’s 3rd handicap run, and she has gone 24:19 => 22:35 => 21:39 with her 3 efforts. Going very well! Congratulations on a great run.

Next home only 2 seconds behind was Luke Attard having his second qualifying run, improving from 17:58 to 17:11.

Then one second to Victoria Gao, with her time of 18:28, for a new pb, improving by 1 second on her run last December.

Then Ben Swinfield finishing his first 3.5k, 20 seconds ahead of his expected run time.

Then came a swag of finishers achieving best runs:

Michele Lambkin, from last month’s pb of 20:01 to the new pb of 19:45.

Lucia Barone, ran 23:49, her best since August 2014.

Mark Wedgwood, from 15:18 in May to new pb of 15:02. He’s getting even closer Jack, movin’ in fast.

Raffaela Aquilina, 15:59, and her best since December and not far off her pb ran in the previous series.

Kayley Sommer, a one second pb, to now have 5 pbs in 10 runs.

Di Karageorgis, returning for a short one, a 16 sec pb to go 17:38.

In the pack

Greta Habib had her best run in 3 months, Bill Jessop, his best since last October, and Ron Stitzinger his best since January.

Well done all.

We cannot always run pbs. Just being able to have a walk or a run, that’s more important!

Fastest on the day:

Our fastest on the day was David Riches in a watch time of 12:19.

Fastest Males: David Riches 12:19, Ben Swinfield 14:08 and Dean Turner 14:27

Fastest Females: Sabrina Peng 15:00, Kayley Sommer 15:30 and Raff Aquilina 15:59


The handicap pointscore is interesting. With 2 runs to and with 50 in the field each month, it wouldn’t take much to seriously alter the current leadership.

At present: Lucia Barone 731, leads from Sandra Riches 712, Sabrina Peng 701, Taylah Sommer 689, and Mike O’Mara 531.

The fastest female pointscore has Sabrina Peng on 76 points, leading from Raffaela Aquilina on 66, Kayley Sommer 63 and Gina Jessop 58.

The fastest male pointscore has David Riches out front on 80 points, then Nathan Mudie 61, just ahead of Jack Wedgwood 59, then Tim Gale-Re 44.

Thank you to all the helpers who assist with the setting up and take-down. Very much appreciated. A special thanks to Davo and Steve Pappas for their role in the course cleanup.

The spot prize was won by #8, Michele Lambkin.

Congratulations to everyone that participated, you will always be winners for having had a ‘go’!
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