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2016 January 3.5km handicap results

The race:

·        53 starters

·        another 2 newbies to the 3.5k

·        pbs

·        9 including 3 qualifiers bettered handicap.


This month saw 53 starters. Numbers were slightly down on the usual and surely this can be contributed to by still having a good number of our competitors still on holidays. We have now had 85 start across the 5 runs in this series. 23participants have now run/walked all five.


This month’s field included two newbies: Hayley Naan and Cherridian Wilson. We welcome you to our club and our handicap.,

We again had 4 runners doing their 2nd qualifier. The first 2 runs of new starters are ‘qualifiers’; in these runs our qualifiers are not eligible for the trophy. 


The handicaps are set to bring everyone across the line in 31 minutes. We have a performance tolerance of one minute, meaning: if you better handicap by greater than one minute, you unfortunately make yourself ineligible for the trophy, but we have to applaud the effort.


So our trophy winner would be the first eligible entrant to cross the line from 30:00 onwards.


The first two to cross the finish line last Saturday were not able to claim the trophy. First in was Gemma Clarke, running far better than she expected. Gemma was having her 4th run; because of interrupts from both work and injury had not been able to string together her qualifiers, and now she has. And the 2 minute improvement? Comes from getting out and walking heaps with dad (Davo) in getting ready for their mid-year trek.

Following Gemma home was her great mate Betty Singh. Betty became a walker a few months ago, and is expecting her first bub. She is marching around the course obviously very well but broke that tolerance/one-minute threshold by nearly half a minute. You are going so well Betty. Bet you’ll be strolling with Gretta soon enough.


The next home, officially 1st and our trophy winner was David Kennedy. A quick look at the records for recent years shows that Dave has missed only one handicap since September 2013. His times are nearly always in the 31s-32s. In the 5 runs this series he has returns in the range 31:56 through to 32:50, and this go 32:15. Well done Dave (and Jindy). Congratulations. (Dave claimed that it was only his 2nd handicap in all his years at the club ... the members records I have date back to February 1980, so twice in 36 years then by Dave’s reckoning ... maybe you need to be more regular?).


Valentina Duong finished fast. Having her first run in 12 months and requalifying in the handicap, she caught and passed at least five in the closing stages. Her watch time was 17:16. Nice run!

Valentina passed Lara Reynolds on the lineLara was officially 2ndLara was having her 4th run in the handicap. She pb’d last month, and was the only qualified runner to pb this month, lowering her time from 20:50 to 20:07. Well done Lara. Only 2 seconds from that first place. Great effort, great result.

3rd home was Joanne Seymour running her best time this series, 18:54. Coming back well. The handicapper was right!

Next home was Adam Zidan running his 2nd qualifier. Well done to Adam, and another bettering his previous best, running 23:39. Keep it going Adam.

Then Sandra Riches with her best in a few months, 23:36, no doubt needled by husband Dave’s result in Japan. I would be.

From Norm Cooper, another with his best time in recent months 22:14, with all 5 this series in the 22s and covering only a 40 second span. Norm is another to have been very regular, missing only 2 runs since September 2013. (In disclosing these facts, I detect a small research project has loomed my way). You inspire me Norm.

Ricardo Tognini was the 10th to cross the line, in 17:54 and one of his better runs in this 2015-16 series. Well done Ricardo.


Our back-markers finished 11th – Stephanie Bilic (off 16:40) in 14:25, and 13th – David Riches (off 18:55) in 12:13. This means both passed at least 40 runners. Going for it every time!



Congratulations to everyone that participated, you are all winners for having had a ‘go’!


The reports from the run are attachedcourtesy of Handicapper Rob Ellison 

  • the monthly handicap results
  • the results in “watch-time’ sequence
  • the progressive Handicap point-score
  • the progressive Fastest Male point-score
  • the progressive Fastest Female point-score
  • watch-times and pbs for the 3.5k course.


Fastest on the day:

Fastest Males:  David Riches 12:13, Nathan Mudie 15:30 and Steve Bond 16:55

Fastest Females: Stephanie Bilic 14:25, Gina Jessop 16:22 and Kayley Sommer 16:37


Progressive Point-score competitions:

We are 5 runs into the new series of 12, with the best 10 to count. It is early days; our early leaders of the progressive point-scores (with adjustment for ‘worse runs’) are as follows:

Handicap:  Paul Bennett  290,  Michael O’Mara  287  and Lucia Barone  281.

Fastest MaleDavid Riches 30,  Nathan Mudie 24,  Jack Wedgwood 23  and Owen Forest-Jones  20.

Fastest FemaleStephanie Bilic 30,  Gina Jessop  27, Sabrina Peng 26,  and Raff Aquilina 25.


The winners of our lucky draws: Lucky stick #53: Rob Sturch and lucky ticket: David Jaffe.  Rob opted for a couple of sun visors. I’ll catch up with David. Gretta, our ticket winner from the previous week opted for a bottle of white wine, to slowly enjoy after her stroller load have bedded down.



Thanks again to everyone who helped make this run happen including the Recorders Lisa Bennett, our water man Chris Moynham and all the guys and ladies that help with the set-upput-away and managing our run.


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