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2016 February 3.5km handicap results

The race:

· 58 starters

· 8 pbs

· 2 new starters

· 11 bettered handicap

This month saw 58 starters competing in vey muggy conditions, given 21 degrees and 82% humidity.

For the 6 runs in the series, this was the 5th time we have had 58 or more. The 3.5k is definitely the preferred handicap. We have now had a total of 87 start in the 6 runs of this series.

We had 2 runners doing their 2nd qualifier, and 2 runners re-qualifying.

The first 2 runs of new starters are ‘qualifiers’; in these runs our qualifiers are not eligible for the trophy. Re-qualifiers are participants who have missed at least the last 3 runs. They too, are not eligible for the trophy.

The handicaps are set to bring everyone across the line in 31 minutes. We have a performance tolerance of one minute, meaning: if you better handicap by greater than one minute, you unfortunately make yourself ineligible for the trophy, but the effort really has to be applauded. Running to the best of one’s ability will always be rewarded in the long term.

So our trophy winner would be the first eligible entrant to cross the line from 30:00 onwards.

The first two to cross the finish line again this month were not able to claim the trophy.

First in was Di Karageorgis, running far better than she expected. Di was returning from injury and was pushing her pace in an effort to continue her comeback to bigger things.

Following Di home was Adam Zidan. Adam ripped in a pb, lowering his best time from 23:39 to 22:28. During the run you wouldn’t know that mum and sis were coming after you fast. Great run Adam.

The next home, officially 1st and our trophy winner was Paul Bennett. Paul returned a pb time, his 4th in 6 runs, this go improving the time from 25:27 to 24:37. Paul has come a long way in the 18 months since a very serious health scare; he is now moving 10 minutes faster than when he walked his first handicap 6 months ago. Obviously you are enjoying beating your younger Bennett’s home, and to boot, you are leading the handicap point-score. Well done Paul, keep it happening.

Coming in officially 2nd only 3 seconds behind was a fast finishing Sandra Riches in her pb time of 22:50 (from 23:17).

3rd home was Danielle Zidan also with a pb, from 20:32 to 19:51, chasing after her bro.

Then came:

Arelene Caraballo, with a pb from 22:50 to 22:19;

Hanna Zidan, lowering her pb from 18:09 to 17:54, chasing the kids;

Lucia Barone, with her best time of 24:04 since her Best of the Best result in August 2014;

Tim Gale-Re, re-qualifying and with a pb of 13:13 from 13:28

Lara Reynolds, with a new pb of 20:05 from 20:07, making it 3 pbs in a row.

This rounds off the first 10 home, and with 8 pbs included. Great running everyone, and moreso in the unfavourable conditions.

Congratulations to everyone that participated, you will always be winners for having had a ‘go’!

Fastest on the day:
Our fastest on the day was David Riches in a watch time of 12:01, only one second off his pb and the course record.

Fastest Males: David Riches 12:01, Tim Gale-Re 13:13 and Jack Wedgwood 14:40
Fastest Females: Sabrina Peng 15:16, Raff Aquilina 16:11 and Gina Jessop 16:35

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Mar 27, 2016, 7:31 PM
Patrick V,
Mar 27, 2016, 7:31 PM
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