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2016 April 3.5km handicap results

The race:

· 50 starters (49 last month)

· 14 pbs (9)

· 2 new starters (3)

· 19 bettered handicap (13)

This month saw 50 starters competing; a few of our regulars had headed to Canberra early for the Running Festival, some were on school hols, and a couple of others had gone off on a trail run around Bobbin Head.

We had 2 runners doing their first run, Antonina Fieni and Michelle Lambkin. Welcome to our race ladies. And we had a four re-qualifiers including Betty Singh, who was returning after becoming a mum.

The first 2 runs of new starters are ‘qualifiers’; in these runs our qualifiers are not eligible for the trophy. Re-qualifiers are participants who have missed at least the last 3 runs. They too, are not eligible for the trophy.

The handicaps are set to bring everyone across the line in 31 minutes. We have a performance tolerance of one minute, meaning: if you better handicap by greater than one minute, you unfortunately make yourself ineligible for the trophy, but the effort really has to be applauded. Running to the best of one’s ability will always be rewarded in the long term.

So our trophy winner would be the first eligible entrant to cross the line from 30:00 onwards.

There are 7 reports attached.

The first 2 reports are the results generated straight from the timing system and were distributed in Sunday’s email.
the Across the Line” report ... the handicap event results in the sequence that the participants complete the event, and showing their ‘chip time’ or run time, and a ‘gun time’; the ‘gun time’ is the elapsed time from a pre-set time (for the 3.5k event a handicap time of -6:00 minutes) that is used to identify the time interval/s between finishers.
the “Run Time” report ... the listing of finishers in ‘chip time’ or run time sequence, from the fastest through. This is effectively the previous “Watch-Time Sequence” report.

These two reports are usually forwarded ‘as soon as’ post-event to our facebook administrator for up-loading. The results should be on facebook within 48 hours accompanied by any photos of the day. These reports will also be attached to the results email.

There is further processing to happen and the following are the reports currently produced and attached.
the monthly handicap results
the progressive Handicap point-score
the progressive Fastest Male point-score
the progressive Fastest Female point-score
watch-times and pbs for the 3.5k course.

The April race:

50 starters; 19 bettering handicap and 14 pbs.

The cooler weather was obviously welcomed and many (14) of our participants took advantage and ran like never before, ergo their pb. Others have run their best time for a few months.

The first to cross the finish line this month was young Zac El-Sabeh, not far ahead of Rob Davo. Together they had an interesting tussle. Zac was having his 3rd start in our handicap and re-qualifying. He is not your natural runner. He likes to come down the Lake, and sometimes he likes to have a run. And when he does, he runs flat out for a distance, then walks slowly. He started 20 seconds behind Davo, and quickly got ahead. Davo would catch up, then Zac would sprint away. Then Davo would catch up. Then Zac would sprint away. And so the story goes on. Anyway, Zac didn’t want Davo to beat him home and crossed the line first, with a 4 minute plus pb. Well done Zac. Mighty effort mate.

Davo gave Zac encouragement on every catch up, and finding a new found walking speed that has been missing for a good little, and with a determination to catch Zac up, managed his best result as a walker (and that started with a dnf back in September). Onya Davo.

Both Zac & Davo broke handicap

Next to cross the line was newbie Michelle Lambkin in her first handicap with a chip time of 20:23. Well done Michelle.

The next home, officially 1st and our trophy winner was Lara Reynolds. Lara finished 32 seconds under the handicapped target time of 31:00. Lara ran a 29 second pb, improving her time to 19:36, first time under 20:00, from 20:05. Lara has run 4 pbs from her last 5 runs, and that included finishing second back in January. Well run Lara. You are really going well and your training with mum is paying off big time.

By 2 seconds, Lara beat home Pat Lewis. Pat ran 18:20, just 1 second off her pb run last October, and her best time by over 30 seconds since. Pat was coming from behind Lara and obviously finishing fast just failed to grab that lead and finished 2nd.

Coming home even faster was Cory Sommer to finish 1 second behind. Corey was re-qualifying, and his result, a pb, was 2 seconds faster than his previous best run back in September 2014. Great run Corey. In fact, a super run considering this was only your second run in the 16s since your old pb, 20 months ago.

Officially 3rd home was Adam Zidan in 21:56 with his 3rd pb in 3 runs, this go a 32 second improvement. Great work Adam, first time sub 22:00.

Next home was Leidy Castro, 1 second behind, coming home very fast, with a 27 second pb in 16:42, first time sub 17, and leading in a group of 12 finishers in 18 seconds. Some traffic!

There were many other finishers achieving their pbs:

Tim Gale-Re, from 13:11 to 13:02 ... Tim, next month sub13 eh?

Sabrina Peng, from 15:07 to 15:00 ... Sabrina was our third fastest outright and fastest female on the day ... next month sub 15 !

Kayley Sommer, our only competitor aged in the single digits, ran another 15:57 to equal her pb.

Rebekah Nakhla, from 24:40 down to 24:03

Vickii Micet, from 31:33 to 31:25

Hanna Zidan, from 17:16 to 16:42, her 5th pb in 7 runs

Mark Wedgwood, from 16:01 to 15:48, nearly catching young Jack

Mike O’Mara, from 18:01 to 18:00

Ismail Salazar, from 16:58 to 16:57.

Congratulations to all the pbers. Well done.

Fastest on the day:

Our fastest on the day was David Riches in a watch time of 12:05.

Fastest Males: David Riches 12:05, Tim Gale-Re 13:02 and Nathan Mudie 15:11

Fastest Females: Sabrina Peng 15:00, Kayley Sommer 15:57 and Raff Aquilina 16:13

Congratulations to everyone that participated, you will always be winners for having had a ‘go’!


The pointscore is interesting. Nothing between the first two, and the next group of four not that far behind. With 50 plus in the field every month, it wouldn’t take much to seriously alter the current sequence.

Leaders at present: Sandra Riches 553, Lucia Barone 550, Sabrina Peng 533, Mike O’Mara 531, Pat Lewis 521 and David Riches 521. A great mix from across the whole ‘chip times’ field.

Given the inability to have results on the morning, the ‘lucky stick’ draw did not happen, and will be held over until the next 3.5k handicap. Given we no longer distribute ‘sticks’ to our finishers, we will be using an random number generator to give us a number and a lookup of the ‘across the line’ listing will give us our winner.

Thank you to all the helpers who assist with the setting up and take-down. Very much appreciated.

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May 6, 2016, 3:37 AM
Patrick V,
May 6, 2016, 3:37 AM
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