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2015 November 3.5km handicap results

by Vic Anderson

Results at foot of page

November 3.5k handicap Results

The race:

· 62 starters – the biggest field to date on the 3.5k course

· including 2 newbies to the 3.5k

· 11 pbs

· and the lowering of the new course record yet again

The first 3.5k handicap happened in February 2014. For many years the short distance handicap had been 3k, with a 2-loop course. During the Council makeover of the Lake from May 2013 through to January 2014, the course was re-mapped and the distance was adjusted to 3.4k to as a work-around to the Council’s fencing and makeover work. With the makeover complete, the handicap participants voted to not return to the 2-loop course. The course was slightly adjusted to give us the 3.5k distance we have today.

This month saw 62 starters. The previous biggest starting field was 61 in March 2015. Well done 3.5kers on setting a new record.

This month’s field included two newbies: Olive Lee and Samuel Nakhla. We welcome you to our handicap. The first 2 runs of new starters are qualifiers. We had 6 runners doing their 2nd qualifier and 5 others re-qualifying after missing at least 3 handicap events. A number of these ‘qualifiers’ finished in the top end of the field and under the rules were not eligible for the trophy.

First home was a re-qualifier in Rob Davidson. A few months ago, knee issues sent Rob off to seek medical advice; one outcome was advice to forget about running, and even walking was questionable. His first come-back 2 months ago lasted maybe 100 metres. A little bit (maybe more) of walking since then, and a little too much flex in his handicap saw Rob go the distance and break handicap by 3 & ½ minutes. Great to have Rob back in action.

The first qualified competitor to cross the line was Dot Siepmann, continuing her return to good times post op. Dot broke the handicap threshold of 30 minutes, by 21 seconds. No getting the trophy, but Dot is picking up good points in the pointscore.

The next qualified runner also broke handicap, albeit by 15 seconds, Jordan Burns, running a time of 18:20 and a very significant pb of 46 secs off his best run, ran back in March 2014 and that then was his first run on the course. Great run Jordan. You have gotta keep it going mate.

Crossing the line in ninth position, sans stroller and kids, was Gretta Habib in a pb time of 22:15. Gretta has had a few near misses to cross that 23 minute mark, but crashed through this go to be officially 1st and our trophy winner. Super running mum.

Trivia: 9th position won the trophy last month as well.

Officially 2nd was Ricardo Tognini, 1 second ahead of a fast finishing Mark Wedgwood in 3rd. This was Ricardo’s best outing since March eight months ago.

Through the field, all up there were 11 pbs, all clearly marked on the attached “Watch Times” report. 5 were by runners doing their 2nd qualifier.

The most notable pb by a qualified runner belonged to David Riches, re-setting the course record for the 3rd time in 3 months, from the previous months 12:14, to 12:09 and now 12:00.

David finished 17th across the line which meant he passed 45 competitors and he bettered his handicap. Only 7 qualified runners finished ahead of him; 5 of these ran pbs, and the other two, their best for a long while.. Talking to Dave before his run, his intention was take the run ‘easy’ because he was racing the Fishers Ghost 10k Fun Run the following morning. In every perspective this was another super run Dave.

Obviously Gretta and Jordan had pbs.

Others were run by:

Craig Burns, Jordan’s dad, ran 19:23, a 31 sec pb;

Mike O’Mara, lowered last month’s best by 26 secs to 18:01;

Ismael Salazar, improved 17 secs to 17:16

And Greg Sackett, consistent yet improving, by 2 secs, to 20:57.

Fastest on the day:

Fastest Males: David Riches 12:00, Jack Wedgwood 14:45 and Nathan Mudie 15:27

Fastest Females: Stephanie Bilic 14:42, Gina Jessop 15:44 and Raff Aquilina 15:49

Progressive Point-score competitions:

We are 3 runs into the new series of 12, with the best 10 to count. It is early days; our early leaders of the progressive point-scores (with no adjustment yet for ‘worse runs’) are as follows:

Handicap: Michael O’Mara 287, Lucia Barone 279 and Greg White 260.

Fastest Male: David Riches 30, Nathan Mudie 22 and Jack Wedgwood 21.

Fastest Female: Stephanie Bilic 30, Gina Jessop 26, Raff Aquilina 23 with Sabrina Peng on 22.

The winners of our lucky draws: Lucky stick #18: Lucia Barone and lucky ticket: Lyn O’Mara. The ladies opted for a bottle of red and white wine respectively.

Congratulations to everyone that participated, and special congrats to David with his run for another new course record.

Thanks again to everyone who helped make this run happen.

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