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2015 March 3.5km handicap results

Results can be downloaded from the foot of this page.

New 3.5km course record holder, Toan Truong

Report by Vic Anderson

We had 61 starters, our best number in a long long time (last month we had 60 and that was our best in over 18 months). And the 3.5km handicap has now had 99 participants across the 7 months.

Handicapper Rob Ellison was unavailable due to his cruising on The Queen Mary. Pending Rob’s return the results should be considered as provisional pending his processing through the formal 3.5km handicap system.

Unfortunately with is absence, Rob missed the action headlined by the fantastic effort of Toan Truong to smash the existing course record that had been set by Neil Saltmarsh.

Yes, a new course record!

This 3.5km course has not yet had a long life, coming into being in February 2014, after the Bankstown Council makeover of the Lake had been completed. We had been running on “an interim 3.4km course, and our handicap participants voted for ‘a rounded to 3.5km’ track”. Obviously the first runs on the course established a record, and in March 2014, Neil ran the record held until today of 13:47.

Toan re-set that record at 13:21. His previous best time was 14:14 set back in October. When Toan came to the club he happened to come under the guidance of Pat Browne. Pat has been running with Toan and his mate Thai, and pairing them up with faster 10km runners to better them; so Toan’s achievement didn’t just happen, it has been worked at and the effort duly rewarded. Well done Pat.

On Saturday, Toan gave Neil 40 seconds start and finished 7 seconds in front of him. Many congratulations Toan. A super achievement and very well done. 

The 3.5km handicaps are set for all finishers to cross that line as the clock hits 31:00. Any participant finishing before 31:00 has broken their handicap on the day. Handicapping is not an exact science. Our winners are generally someone who has produced something out of the ordinary, whether for the first time or for the first time in a long time.

Toan crossed the finish line in 31:01, indicating he ran almost perfect to the handicap set for him by Rob E. Spot on Rob.

The run.
  • 61 starters
  • New course record
  • 11 pbs
  • 45 finishers across the line in the 2 minutes of 30:00-32:00
  • Including 17 in the 20 seconds around the handicap target of 31:00 (between 30:50 and 31:10). A lot of traffic in a very short time.

We welcome back a couple after absences from this handicap: Greta Habib, now with a double stroller & occupants getting around in 26:05 (last time around in 25:15 last May); Arlene Caraballo, first time in a couple of years in 23:48; our mate: Bert Jourdain, ditto, in watch time of 28:13 & only 13secs off predicted time; and John Klinker returning to his roots (having been a 10ker for a short time), after injuries, the first being on his bike and into an opening car door. We have 2 newbies in Leidy Castro and Iona Scheepstra (the latter being given a little mis-direction and completing the 5@theLake course).

Okay. First home was Arlene, Qualifying. Next was Reg Sexton, generally walking in the 33s he produced his best (32:16) since last September’s Best of the Best. Given his handicap, he bettered the handicap threshold of 30:00, and therefore not eligible for the trophy. Ditto with Dave Kennedy (30:49) with his best time since August’14. Next in was Terry Kintominas having a re-qualifying run. Then came our trophy winner, Rod Sturch in the time of 26:11. This represents another with a best result since his go in the Best of the Best. Congratulations Rod.

Officially 2nd was Paul Croft with 20:38 and continuing his run of a pb with every run. This time, from 21:27 to 20:38.

And 3rd, also with a pb was Sandra Riches from 23:30 to 23:17.

Other pbs included Iain and Owen Forest Jones, father and son, finishing 1 second apart on watch times and 11 seconds on the clock. Ian 18:01 =>17:05 and Owen 17:47 => 17:06.

Thai Nguyen 15:33 => 14:51

Kelly Guo 22:05 => 21:42

Yousra Kheder 16:13 => 16:10

Taylah Sommer went sub 20 for the first time lowering her time to 19:45 from the 20:12 set last August.

Ann Eckert 19:18 => 19:14

And Sibel Tenish, going sub 30 for that first time. 30:02 to 29:11. Sibel did arrive at the start late and set out one minute beyond her set handicap. If? If Sibel had started off her handicap and with this pb, she would have challenged Rod for that trophy.

There were a few “best efforts for at least 6 months” results including: Gina Jessop, Sam Mudie, Leo Sommer, Rob Davo, Cate Bennett, Stephanie Bilic, Brian Bennett and Greg White. Raff Aquilina was only 1 sec off her pb set 5 months ago, and Cate Bennett, 3 seconds off her pb set last August.

Little wonder we had a congested finish line with all this great running. Well done to everyone that competed. There were no incidents reported re traffic congestion on course, so well done all!

Fastest on the day: Toan Truong 13:21 Neil Saltmarsh 14:08, Stephanie Bilic 14:18 and Thai Nguyen 14:51. The next quickest ladies were Raff Aquilina 15:54 and Yousra Kheder 16:10.

Patrick V,
Mar 20, 2015, 2:01 AM
Patrick V,
Mar 20, 2015, 2:01 AM