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2015 February 3.5km handicap results

Results can be downloaded from the foot of this page.

With Rob Davo...

This was our 6th run of the 2014-15 series, ie half way. 

3.5km Valentines Day Handicap Race … No love here. The competition was intense.
  • 1st Betty Singh 
  • 2nd Dylan Bennett
  • 3rd Sibel Tenish
  • Fastest Female: Stephanie Bilic 14.37
  • Fastest Male: Neil Saltmarsh 14.16
There were 60 starters 58 Finishers; improving numbers in this increasingly popular race. There were 5 new qualifiers.

Young Aisha Barbour lead everyone home to be first across the line but she, along with 6 others broke their handicaps by more than 1 minute and therefore were not eligible* for the trophy. These were very good, in fact exceptional, runs on the day. Congratulations on your runs. It must have been a “Fast Day” as 18 were under their Handicap time but by less than a minute.

Betty Singh has been training hard and this showed in her first place finish, going under her handicap by 59 seconds. To say that Betty was happy would be a gross understatement; she was simply ecstatic and this showed on her face when her win was announced. 

Sibel Tenish always runs with a pram and baby but on handicap day she runs on her own. 3rd Place was a great result for this running Mum.
Our Fastest Female on the day showed great determination in getting up after a bad fall where a couple of dogs were involved. Stephanie showed great courage in finishing and still maintaining her Queen of Speed title.

BIG THANKS to Pat Cuninghame, & Lisa Bennett on recording; Rob Ellison Handicapper; Vic Anderson course set up, stickman then first aid; Joan Eiso sticklady after her run; Lisa Wedgewood photos (until she had to take son Jack to open bat for his cricket team, you can bet he runs well between the wickets); and on drinks Chris Moynham.

*For a detailed technical explanation of the Handicap system go to:- ”.

To embellish this report, a few more details are added: (by Vic Anderson)

We started with 60 but lost two to injuries. 60 is the best number since that many ran last August. We welcome back after a long absence Vicki Fulford & Paul Eiso, and after a short absence Lucia Barone and Pam Kennedy. Ian Forest-Jones, a former 10ker, and his son Owen had their first runs in the 3.5k, and Toan Truong and Thai Nguyen were requalifying.

Aisha Balfour was first to cross the line in a time of 24:42, bettering her pb from last month by another 2m45s. Aisha was followed home by Owen and Ian. Kelly Guo was having her second qualifying run and improved her time by over 4 minutes. Paul Eiso came home next, trying hard to stay away from a fast finishing Joan Eiso, who dropped her pb by 1m10s, from 19:31 to 18:21. This is the 3rdoccasion from 5 runs that Joan has broken handicap, and the 3rd time she has re-set her pb. Next in was Jackie Guo also running a second qualifier, and with a run improvement from 19:22 to 17:43.

Then came our trophy winner, Betty Singh with a 42s pb to 20:11; then 2nd ten seconds behind was Dylan Bennett with a 25s pb and first time into the 17s with 17:41. (Mate, sister Cate has a pb of 17:39. Next time!). 3rd was Sibel Tenish with a 1:42 pb to 30:02. Next go sub 30 eh Sibel?

All up we had 13 with pbs. In addition to those already mentioned, others included:

  • Paul Croft, from 22:02 to 21:27 and 4th pb in 5 runs
  • Yousra Kheder from 16:34 to 16:13
  • Sabrina Peng from 17:20 to 16:29
  • Sandra Riches from 23:36 to 23:30
  • Lisa Sommer from 19:47 to 19:40
  • Mohammad Balfour, last month’s trophy winner following that effort up with 17:13 to 16:38.
Unfortunately the great performances had the limelight stolen by the falls and reactions from two champs, Stephanie Bilic and Vicki Fulford. Both ladies fell, Stephanie tripped on a the lead of a dog that ran across her path, and Vicki on an uneven and rough part of the pathway. Both warranted some first aid after crossing that finish line. Big congratulations to both of you because you both went down, and you got up and finished the event. And Stephanie managed to finish the event as fastest lady and third fastest outright.

Congratulations to all participants for great efforts all round. Pbs or no pbs.

Fastest on the day: Neil Saltmarsh 14:16, just, from Toan Truong 14:17, Stephanie 14:37 and Fahri Ozturk 14:40. The next quickest ladies were Yousra Kheder 16:13 and Sabrina Peng 16:29. Some all-round competition happening. Neil and Stephanie hold the course records respectively at 13:47 and 14:04.

The leaders of the progressive point-scores are as follows:

Christine Burke 385 Paul Croft 384 Joan Eisenhuth 381 Sandra Riches 373 and Raff Aquilina also 373

Fastest Female:
Stephanie Bilic 40 Raff Aquilina 36 Gina Jessop 34

Fastest Male:
Neil Saltmarsh 40 Nathan Mudie 36 Cory Sommer 25 and Mohammad Balfour 24 … the juniors are excelling Neil. Watch out, they are coming!

Thank you to everyone who participated. Thank you always to all the helpers on start/finish, water, sticks, photos and everything else. The handicaps wouldn’t happen without the ‘team Westies’ support.

Lucky stick draw was won by #44 Brian Bennett (who opted for socks); the lucky ticket by Rafic Awad (in absentia – cruising). Pat Lewis collected a bottle of white wine for winning a previous month’s draw. I still have to catch up with a couple from previous draws. .

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