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2015 December 3.5km handicap results

Results can be downloaded from the foot of this page.

by Vic Anderson

The race:

  • 58 starters
  • including 2 newbies to the 3.5k
  • 19 pbs
  • 26 including 5 qualifiers bettered handicap.

This month saw 58 starters. This was our lowest in the 4 runs in this series, yet consistent ... 59, 59, 62 & now 58. We have had 82 start across these runs. So consistent run numbers made up of different participants with 32 having run all four.

This month’s field included two newbies: Vickii Micet and Pat Browne. We welcome you to our handicap. Vickii was a club member a couple of years ago and has resumed her participation with us, and Pat has stepped back from the 10k in an effort to find his lost speed.

We again had 6 runners doing their 2nd qualifier. The first 2 runs of new starters are ‘qualifiers’; in these runs our qualifiers are not eligible for the trophy.

The handicaps are set to bring everyone across the line in 31 minutes. We have a performance tolerance of one minute, meaning: if you better handicap by greater than one minute, you unfortunately make yourself ineligible for the trophy, but we have to applaud the effort.

So our trophy winner would be the first eligible entrant to cross the line from 30:00 onwards.

The first three to cross the finish line last Saturday were 2nd run Qualifiers. First in was Melissa Madley, running far far better than she expected, and finishing 2&1/2 minutes under the 30:00 mark. Next in was Danielle Zidan, a relatively new junior Westie, in a watch time of 20:32, giving her a near 2 minute pb. Danielle has been running every Saturday and her time and effort is a great reward. And then Samuel Nakhla, running a 1:54 pb. Samuel flew home in a time of 13:46, the 2nd fastest time of the day. Both Danielle and Samuel also were under the 30 minute threshold.

The first qualified competitors to cross the line were also under the 30:00 minutes. Victoria Gao and Paul Bennett breaking by 6 seconds and 3 seconds respectively. Both running pbs.

The next home, officially 1st and our trophy winner was Sabrina Peng. Sabrina is quiet by nature and also by achievement. She has been running the handicap for 12 months, started with a run in the 17s, then a fistful of 16s, and her last 3 including this one in the 15s, with this one, a 33 second pb of 15:12. Well done Sabrina, congratulations. Great result. And,Sabrina was our fastest female of the day. Well done, a daily double that is very rarely achieved.

Sabrina finished fast. She had to. She crossed the line 1 second ahead of Reg Sexton (2nd), 4 seconds ahead of Ron Stitzinger (3rd), and 7 seconds ahead of Hanna Zidan, passing them all in the final metres. Sabrina all up passed 50 others that like her, were having their best run ever.

Reg returned his best time in 8 months 31:53, and his 3rd best result since the 3.5k started, and he is a very regular runner. His best was the 2013-14 Best of the Best.

Ron and Hanna both ran pbs, 34 and 55 seconds respectively.

Through the field, all up there were 19 pbs, all clearly marked on the attached “Watch Times” report. Only one, Samuel, was doing a 2nd qualifier.

Some of the pbs were significant; notwithstanding the improvement anyone running/walking a pb is a winner and deserves congratulations. On any day, one of these pbs could have won the trophy.

Cate Bennett: previous best was 16:58, personal best is now 16:37, and her 3rd run in the 16s

Dylan Bennett: 17:24 -> 17:04, a great effort by my mate

Paul Bennett: 27:05 -> 25:27, did not want the kids to catch him

Steve Bond: 15:51 -> 15:44, finding the shorter distance to his liking

Arelene Carabello: 23:06 -> 22:50; and improving at a better rate than hubby

Leidy Castro: 17:20 -> 17:09, a big effort in front of mum visiting the Lake for the first time

Victoria Gao: 19:34 -> 18:29, trying to stay in front of best mate Sabrina

Ken Mudie: 23:34 -> 23:03, got ahead of Sandra and wanted to stay there

Samuel Nakhla: 15:40 - > 13:46, raw talent just getting started

Sabrina Peng: our all round winner, 15:45 -> 15:12

Lara Reynolds: 21:15 -> 20:50, another being rewarded for regular Saturday morning runs

Greg Sackett: my ol’ mate (old as in having known for a long time), been getting in secret training on longer courses 20:57 -> 20:39

Ismael Salazar: 17:16 -> 16:58, not to be shown up by Leidy

Lisa Sommers: mum, always trying to catch the kids, her 10th pb in 17 runs, 18:19 ->17:55, first time in the 17s obviously

Ron Stitzinger: 21:25 ->20:51, was after Reg

Jack Wedgwood: 14:42 ->14:27, always trying so hard, and after 7 months cracked another pb after being within 3 secs or less of doing so on a few occasions

Mark Wedgwood: 16:16 -> 16:01, picked up the pace when Jack flew past to finish only 9 secs on the clock behind him

Danielle Zidan: a great effort, 22:29 -> 20:32, and another wanting to stay in front of mum

Hanna Zidan: 19:04 ->18:09, determined to catch Danielle.

Congratulations to everyone that participated, you are all winners for having had a ‘go’!

Fastest on the day:

Fastest Males: David Riches 12:23, Samuel Nakhla 13:46 and Jack Wedgwood 14:27

Fastest Females: Sabrina Peng 15:12, Raff Aquilina 15:46 and Gina Jessop 15:54

Progressive Point-score competitions:

We are 4 runs into the new series of 12, with the best 10 to count. It is early days; our early leaders of the progressive point-scores (with adjustment for ‘worse runs’) are as follows:

Handicap: Dot Siepmann 199, Michael O’Mara 195, Pat Lewis 194 and Paul Bennett 194.

Fastest Male: David Riches 20, Jack Wedgwood 17, Tim Gale-Re 17 and Samuel Nakhla 16.

Fastest Female: Stephanie Bilic 20, Sabrina Peng 19, Gina Jessop 18, and Raff Aquilina 17.

The winners of our lucky draws: Lucky stick #17: Ismael Salazar and lucky ticket: Alex Bucci. Ismael opted for a nice wine to celebrate the family pbs. I caught up with a couple of winners from previous weeks, Kayley Sommers and Cate Bennett, and these young ladies received a Christmas stocking each, filled with chocolates.

Thanks again to everyone who helped make this run happen including the Recorders Lisa Bennett and Geoff Craine, our water man Chris Moynham and all the guys that help with the set-up and put-away.

Patrick V,
Jan 3, 2016, 8:43 PM
Patrick V,
Jan 3, 2016, 8:43 PM