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2014 November 3.5km handicap results

The results from the 3.5km handicap can be downloaded from the foot of this page - they are provided courtesy of handicapper Rob Ellison:

This run was #3 (of 12) in the 2014-15 series of the 3.5k handicap.

We had 49 starters. The last time we had less than 50 starters was 6 months ago. We had four new starters this month, Yousra, Mohammed and Aisha Barbour, and Geoff Richards. Welcome to the club and our handicap.

The first two to cross the line were under the qualifying threshold (30:00) and ineligible for the trophy. Joan Eisenhuth (19:31) followed by Paul Croft (22:07). Both continue to lower their times as both were similarly dq’d last month. Great running. Keep it going!

Next home, finishing very fast and officially first and our trophy winner was Sue Chenery in 16:23, her fastest time on this course, including runs pre bike-fall. Congratulations Sue.

2nd for the second month was young Kayley Sommer finishing only one second behind Sue. Last month Kayley ran her first sub 20 minutes going 19:17, and this go ran 18:39. Another big lowering of the pb. Congratulations Kayley. A champion effort.

Next to cross in the same time as Kayley with his first qualifying run was new member Mohammed Barbour. Good run mate.

In 3rd with a 52 second pb, was Bert Sloan in the time of 20:57. Well done Bert. Today a short one. Tomorrow a long one. Roll on!

Our fastest on the day was again Neil Saltmarsh, running 14:08, from Nathan Mudie in 14:32.

Third quickest home was our fastest female Raff Aquilina in 15:53, from our trophy winner Sue Chenery in her 16:23.

Congratulations to everyone that participated.

Photos and comments of the event were posted on the club’s facebook, courtesy of Rob Davo and Lisa Bennett. Thank you to everyone who contributes to the organisation of the event on the day. Thanks again to Lianne Christalland her new help Zenita Acuba for their recording.

The ‘Lucky stick’ and ticket winners were Dave Kennedy and Leah Mudie.
Patrick V,
Nov 24, 2014, 1:54 AM
Patrick V,
Nov 24, 2014, 1:54 AM