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2014 April 3.5km handicap results

Results are available by downloading the PDF file(s) at the foot of this page.

There were 44 starters. We had 3 newbies with Samantha, Leah and Nathan Mudie having their first run in the handicap. We had a couple of re-qualifiers: Maurice Moro, returning to the scene of previous triumphs after knee surgery about 12 months ago, Joan Eisenhuth walking the course, sans grandkids, and Craig Burns now joining his son Jordan in going around in the 3.5k. Unfortunately for Craig, he apparently missed the turnaround, and was ‘course corrected (?) by some of the 10kers going around for a training run, and in fact he finished their course with them.

Always there is some very impressive running. 7 of our competitors who have completed all 3 runs on the new 3.5k course achieved their best times this go, including our trophy winner Martti Paananen (a 53 sec improvement) and the runner up, Matthew Christall (a 49 second improvement). Others included Ron Klinker (46 secs), Cate Bennett (40 secs), Katie Brown (39 secs), Sandra Riches (14 secs) and Christine Burke (9 secs).

Three others had significant time improvements, Vicki Willis, Joanne Klinker and Charlotte Lumley as they benefit from recovering from their injuries.

First home to cross the line was Nathan Mudie. This was Nathan’s first qualifying run and unfortunately turned off early and ran a short course. No doubt he will have this nailed next month and threaten with good times.

Next to cross the line on the same clock time of 30:12 were our first and second, Martti and Matthew. In reality, about ½ a second separated this pair, and both took it to the line. This is our closest finish and Matthew came home fast on Martti. Ricardo’s photo, attached, captured this very close finish. As already mentioned, both enjoyed their best runs on the 3.5k course. Young Matt did take a tumble on the course but that didn’t slow him. Congratulations to both of you on excellent runs, and Martti for being our trophy winner for April.

3 seconds behind in third was Peta Gane, with an impressive 1m14s improvement on her run 2 months ago.

Leah Mudie came in next with a first up impressive watch time of 18:22.

In the battle of the Kates, each crossing that finish line within one second of each other, next home was Kate Gale-Re immediately ahead of Cate Bennett ahead of Katie Brown. And Kate beat mum, Margaret (Re), by a ‘happy’ margin on the day. Family rivalry is rife in this handicap.

A few of the 3.5kers opted not to run to save themselves for their run in Canberra the next day, but accolades to Nadja Zjakic and Lyn O’Mara for doubling up.

Our fastest on the day was Neil Saltmarsh with a watch time of 14:11, a little slower than last month (13:47), but keeping a little in reserve for an ANSW run later in the afternoon. Second quickest and our fastest female was Stephanie Bilic in 14:49 only 10s off her best time.

After Neil, the best boys were Matthew Christall 16:02 from Ron Klinker 18:22.

After Stephanie, we had Kate Gale-Re 16:18, from Margaret Re 17:10.

Neil leads the male fastest point-score (on 60 points) from Matthew (48) and Ricardo Tognini (43). In the ladies Stephanie (60) leads from Margaret (48) and Raff Aquilina (42) with Kate 1 point away.

In both competitions the leaders have a good lead, but second and third is so close; in both competitions, second and third both traded positions from last month with their effort this go. Well done Matt and Margaret.

In the overall handicap pointscore, Lachlan Naylor retains his lead on 559 points from Sandra Riches on 548. Neil Saltmarsh and Andrew Naylor bring up third on 541 points..

Congratulations to everyone that participated. There have now been 84 start this handicap over the 8 months of the current series to date.

Photos and comments of the event were posted on the club’s Facebook, courtesy of Ricardo.

Thank you to everyone who contributes to the organisation of the event on the day. We cannot do it without you. Appreciated.

The lucky stick winner was #32, Terry Kintominas; the lucky ticket draw was won by Brian Rensford. Both of whom were not on hand to collect their prize and we will catch up with them.
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