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2018 February 10km handicap results

February 10k – revisit & wrap ... Saturday 3 February

We are now halfway through the 2017-18 series, 6 runs down, 6 runs to go.


There are 6 reports attached.

The first two relate specifically to this handicap event:

  • the “Across the Line” report
  • the “Run Time” report ... an updated version from that sent out in the ‘quick results’.


The next four relate to the progression of the series:

  • the Chip times with a history of runs for the series to date,
  • the Handicap point-score
  • the Fastest Male point-score
  • the Fastest Female point-score


Re-visiting the ‘quick results email’

  • better conditions than recent months – reflected in best times for a while for several runners
  • 41 starters
  • new female course record


I had indicated 3 pbs. There were in fact 6 pbs:

Louise Noble – 39:29, 14s better than last month and new female course pb.

Dean Turner – 42:51, equal to his pb of May’16.

Hollee James – 49:38 – 23s better than last month’s pb, and first time under 50m.

Vateesh Chand – 41:23, equal to his pb of August’17.

Philip Bell – 74:29 – 17s better than his 74:46 of May’16.

Tony Sinibaldi – 46:18 – 1s better than November’17.


And another 11 ran their best effort since at least August ’17; all are indicated in the Chip Time report.



Handicap results:

1st:  Martin Dinh – 41:34 – best time since his pb in March’17

2nd:  Dean Turner – last month’s winner – 42:51 – equaled his pb ran in May’16

3rd:  Ben Swinfield – 42:27 – best time since his pb in August’16


Thank you to everyone for participating. Great efforts everyone, and like always, some great running.



Fastest on the day:

Fastest on course:

Louise Noble – 39:29

Darren Alchin – 39:47

Lorri Di Lucchio – 41:00


Male:  Darren Alchin 39:47, Lorri Di Lucchio 41:00 and Steve Pappas 41:09

Female:  Louise Noble 39:29, Lilian Molesworth 42:31, and Larissa Tichon 47:47.

Junior:  Jack Wedgwood 45:48.



Progressive Point-score competitions:

the aggregated best 9 run scores across the 12 months will determine the point-score champions – the 3 lowest monthly scores have been deducted from the scores total to date.

We are now 6 runs into the series, with 6 run to go. The top scores in all competitions are very close, and there is plenty of runs remaining for much swapping of positions. The top point-scorers are currently: 


Handicap: Hollee James 593, Julio Hernandez 592, Ben Swinfield 590, Steve Bond 590, Dean Turner 589 and Lorri Di Lucchio 588.


Fastest MaleDarren Alchin, Steve Pappas and Lorri Di Lucchio all 27, with Paul Webb 25.


Fastest FemaleLilian Molesworth 30, Kerrie Persen 25, Hollee James 24, Mary Sheehan 23 and Cathy Cox 22.


Cannot get any closer!



Winners of the random draws:

were #1 Martin Dinh & #22 Jack Wedgwood. The lucky tickets were won by Zenita Acaba and Barbara Awad.




A special thank you as always to our water station crews, Bert, Chris and Lisa, who today were joined by Lianne currently on the injured list. Thank you to our members who helped set-up and take down and a special thanks to Davo for the course markings.



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