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2017 May 10km handicap results

Last Saturday’s 10k wrap

The handicap results and most reports for last Saturday’s run were emailed last Saturday.

A very quick wrap follows:

  • 33 starters
  • 9 bettered handicap
  • 5 course pbs
  • 5 ran their best time in the 2016-17 series (since Sept'16 incl)
  • and now, only 4 members have run all handicaps (9) in this 10k series, and all up 93 have started.

We had some visitors from LAPD tri club participate; Walter Brzica and Ben Hill; both underestimated their run time and completed the course full of running in better times than expected, Walter crossing the mats first (run time 47:00), and Ben (43:28) third. Obviously they were running qualifying events. Welcome to our club fellas. The boys are becoming members and intend participating in our regular events. Splitting these two was Arlene Caraballo with her 3rdqualifier. Not too long ago, she had never run the 10k; she got a mindset going, wanted to have a go at the Half Marathon, did so in Canberra successfully, and returned to the 10k last week to run a 2m 31s pb in her very happy time of 71:35. Congratulations Arlene.


The next to cross was our Trophy winnerDean Turner, running his best time (43:29) since July 2016. A great effort Dean. Congratulations. Well done. You were still giving it your all right to the mat.

Only 4 seconds behind and officially 2nd was Darren Alchin running a 51s pb to finish in 38:49only missing the course record by 10 secs. Next time Darren. Great run. Great effort.

A few seconds away 3rd was Mark Wedgwood running his pb, by 1m14s, in a time of 48:40. Congratulations Mark.

One second away was Mark Hadaway in his best time since April’16. Go mate!

To top off our runners running under handicap on the day, Grant Moroney ran a 39s pb, and Jack Wedgwood ran his best since August’16.


Fastest on the day:

Male:  Darren Alchin 38:49,  Paul Webb 42:31  &  Ben Swinfield 43:20

FemaleLisa Bennett 45:10,  Jacqui Viterale 53:31,  &  Kerri Persen 53:41.



We are 9 runs into the series, and 3 runs to go. From the 9 runs, the 3 lowest monthly scores have been deducted from the aggregate to date. The competition is close and expected to remain so right to the finish line. At this time the top points are held by:  Lilian Molesworth 1157, Lisa Bennett 1155, Steve Pappas 1152, and Paul Webb 1151, and the next 4 within 7 points.  The full point-score is attached.


Winner of the random draw was #23 JV Douglas, and the lucky ticket: Linda Watson.


Thank you to everyone for participating. Great efforts everyone, and some great running.


Thank you to our members who helped set-up and take down all the gear for the run, and again to Rob Ellison and Nathan Mudie with conducting the handicap, and Davo for marking out the course.




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