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2017 July 10km handicap results

Our penultimate event in the 2016-17 series:

  • 47 starters – (47 last month)
  • 18 bettered handicap – (11)
  • 11 course pbs – (5)
  • another 11 ran their best time in 2017
  • 5 re-qualifying
  • 1 newbie
  • and now, only 3 members have run all handicaps (11) in this 10k series,
  • and all up 95 have started.


Very very cool weather. Temps of 3 degrees in Bankstown with wind chill to just 1 degree.

Great roll-up, 47. We had a new course record18 bettered their handicaps, 11 running pbs, including 7 in the first 10 home, and another 11 ran their best time since December’16. Some great running, conditions obviously conducive to moving quick.


The first to cross the mats this go was Chris Moynham running his best time (89:51) on this course, since February’16. The Handicap Historian, Mr Webb, cannot ever recall a time when the first starter in a 10k handicap has been the first to cross the finish line. So, It is reported that Chris Moynham created 10k history yesterday with he being the ‘first-to-start’ to be the ‘first-to-finish’. Unfortunately for Chris, his time improvement on his recent efforts ... 6 minutes faster than recent times, 3 minutes better than any time this series, only 10 secs off a pb set long ago in February’16 ... caused Chris to beat his handicap by 3min 8secs, bettering the 2 minute tolerance allowed to go under handicap and therefore deemed ineligible for the trophy. Congratulations Chris. Absolute great effort.


The next to cross was our Trophy winnerKerrie Persen, running her personal best of 48:31, improving by 40s on her previous best of March 2016, all 16 months ago. Early in this series, Kerrie had a 3rd and two 2nd placings. This go, Kerrie is the winner. Congratulations Kerrie. Very well done. Champion!


The next home was Joan Eisenhuth, walking this go. Good one Joan – secret training for Trailwalker!


Then, a rush for the line. Crossing just ahead of a small pack finish, officially 2ndJacqui Viterale lead them home in her pb time of 49:36, a 38s improvement on her time February 17 months ago. Jacqui was followed by Jack Wedgwood3rd, last month’s trophy winner, with another pb, a big 59secs, in 43:25. To both Jacqui and Jack, great efforts, great outcomes. Congratulations.


One second behind was Vateesh Chand, re-qualifying, and with a 1m8s pb of 42:25.

Crossing on the same time was Peter Di Michiel, with his best time since July’16, 63:55.

Then Ian Rowles, a 45s pb, 59:35,

Cheryl Penny, a 39s pb, 56:26,

And 10th to cross the mats, Darren Alchin, with a 26sec pb of 38:26, breaking the course record held by Damian Persen by 13secs.


We welcome to our event another LAPD member, Eugene Irvan, who ran a 52:44 with his first effort. Welcome to the club Eugene.


There are 6 reports attached:

·        the “Across the Line” report

·        the “Run Time” report

·        the watch/chip times with a history of runs for recent months

·        the progressive handicap point-score - the aggregated best 9 run scores across the 12 months will determine the point-score champion – the 3 lowest monthly scores have been deducted from the scores total to date.

  • the progressive Fastest Male point-score

·        the progressive Fastest Female point-score


Fastest on the day:

Male:  Darren Alchin 38:26,  Steve Pappas 40:20  &  Vateesh Chand 42:29

Female:  Lilian Molesworth 42:09,  Lisa Bennett 44:30,  &  Kerri Persen 48:31.


Progressive Point-score competitions:

Handicap: We are now 11 runs into the series, with 1 run to go. The top scores are close, and we have had a change among the top 3. The top point-scorers are now:  Lisa Bennett 1538, Paul Webb 1535, Steve Pappas 1533, Darren Alchin 1524, Kerrie Persen 1520 and Cheryl Penny, also 1520.


Fastest MaleSteve Pappas and Darren Alchin, both 74 with Paul Webb 65. Cannot get any closer!


Fastest FemaleLilian Molesworth 80,  Lisa Bennett 74, and  Kerrie Persen 61.  



Winner of the random draw was #10 Darren Alchin, choosing a bottle of red wine, and the lucky ticket winner: Christine White, opting for the chocolates (her ticket was drawn out by brother-in-law Greg S). Winner of the random draw for the May 5@theLake was Leidy Castro and the June5@theLake, Ken  Mudie, and both opted for the vino.


Thank you to everyone for participating. Great efforts everyone, and like always, some great running.


Thank you to our members who helped set-up and take down all the gear for the run, especially Chris M, and Greg & Greg; and again to Rob Ellison and Nathan Mudie with conducting the handicap, and Davo for marking out the course.


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