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2017 August 10km handicap results

Last Saturday’s 10k wrap

Our final event in the 2016-17 series:

  • 44 starters – (47 last month)
  • 9 bettered handicap – (18)
  • 8 course pbs – (11)
  • another 4 ran their best time in 2017

·        5 re-qualifying again

·        2 making a comeback to the 10k distance

  • and now, only 2 members ran all handicaps (12) in this 10k series,

·        all up 98 started,

  • and to top everything off, last month’s new course record was literally SMASHED!


Weatherwise, a strange morning. When I left home, it was 3 degrees at Ingleburn. At the Lake it was 10, and by the time the handicap finished it was 14 degrees. A big difference to last month’s wind chill temp of 1 degree. And it is still winter. 


Another good roll-up of 44 with our first starter heading off at 6:50am, and our last at 7:42:30am.


The first to cross the mats this go was our Trophy winnerLeidy Castro, running her personal best of 50:39, improving by 1m18s on her previous best of April 2017. Back in April, Leidy was the first to cross the mats in a then pb time of 51:57 but was dq’d for breaking the handicap threshold. Husband Ismael has also recently been similarly dq’d (twice). So having crossed the mats, Leidy came hastily my way and asked whether she dq’d. The attached photo reveals the happiness of the win. Congratulations Leidy. Very well done. Champion!


The next home was David Riches, our back-marker who passed everyone in the field bar Leidy. This was a qualifying run for David, having not run in our 10k since April’15 back on the old course, preferring to be sharpening his speed in the shorter club events. This go, he ran the time of 36:21, smashing the record for this new course set by Darren Alchin last month at 38:26. A big congrats Dave. Hope to see more of you, and now that you have an appreciation of the course the challenge is there to come back and have another crack.


Then, next home, officially 2nd, was Vateesh Chand in his pb time of 41:23, a 1m02s improvement on his time last month. Vateesh has started 6 times in this handicap series for 5 pb times, every time improving by over one minute. Great effort Vateesh. Congratulations on another great run.


Vateesh was followed by Ismael Salazar3rd, also with a pb, by 28secs, in 51:13. Well done Ismael. And you got to share the podium with Leidy. Congratulations.


Like for every month, there was a glut of great results - chasing our place-getters home were:

Paul Webb, in 41:42 with his best time since the final run in the previous series,

Patrick Wong in 52:08, a 25s pb

Eamon McCann in 45:43, an 18s pb

Steve Pappas in 40:05, his second best time this series

Kerrie Persen in 48:22, a 9s pb

Damian Persen, in 38:15, a 24s pb and also bettering last month’s course record

Steve Bond in 56:03, a 22s pb


Fastest on the day:

Male:  David Riches 36:21,  Damian Persen 38:15  &  Darren Alchin 39:00

Female:  Lilian Molesworth 42:22,  Lisa Bennett 44:46,  &  Kerri Persen 48:22.

Junior/s:  Jack Wedgwood  45:02


Winners of the random draws were #39 Grant Moroney, choosing the chocolates, and #11 Steve Bond. The lucky ticket winner was Ann Owen. Steve and Ann were in absentia at the time of the draws and we’ll catch up with them with their prizes.


Again, we must thank Davo for expertly marking up the course; Rob Ellison and Nathan Mudie for their work with the conduct of the handicap; Chris for setting up the water stations before he runs; and this go, Dominic and Nathan for the impromptu water station on the corner; and Greg and Greg for their cleanup afterwards. Many people contribute to the event across the year and without all chipping in, the event wouldn’t happen. Thank you to all.


Thank you to everyone for participating. Great efforts everyone, and like always, some great running.



The 10k series is complete - from September’16 to August’17 inclusive


Point-score competitions:

All over, red rover!

The aggregated best 9 run scores across the 12 months will determine the respective champions – the 3 lowest monthly scores have been deducted from the cumulative score totals.



The finishing scores were very close. 5 points separated the top 3. From March through to August we had a different leader every month. And the final scores were: Paul Webb 1732,  Lisa Bennett 1730, and Steve Pappas 1727.  


Fastest MaleSteve Pappas and Darren Alchin, both 82 with Paul Webb 72.


Fastest FemaleLilian Molesworth 90,  Lisa Bennett 83, and  Kerrie Persen 69.  



Patrick V,
Aug 30, 2017, 3:15 AM
Patrick V,
Aug 30, 2017, 3:15 AM
Patrick V,
Aug 30, 2017, 3:15 AM
Patrick V,
Aug 30, 2017, 3:15 AM