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2017 April 10km handicap results

10k Handicap last Saturday


·        50 starters

·        18 bettered handicap

·        14 course pbs

·        8 ran their best time in the 2016-17 series (since Sept'16 incl)

·        And a new course record

·        Only 5 members have run all 8 runs to date


On Saturday, we had our 8th run in the series, and our 3rd over this course, the slight variations brought about by the Lake makeovers. Given the continual rains through March and present, methinks we will be having the handicaps on this course for at least another couple of months. Council had expected to finish their works by the end of April assuming minimum rain issues. Ha!


Saturday gave us a beautiful run morning ... cool at first, and warming up without the humidity as one got into the run. For a couple of months now, run days have been a mix of hot, wet and/or muggy, and obviously times and runners have not prospered as one could when conditions are in favour. We had some pbs and better times last month; this go we had more. 18 bettered their handicaps, 14 achieved pbs, 8 ran their best time since their pb in last year’s series and we have a new female course record, courtesy of a great run by Lilian Molesworth.  All proof of better running conditions.


Of the 18 that bettered handicap, 9 ran pbs and 5 ran their best time this series, ie since August’16. Great running. Great competition.


Special thanks again to Rob Ellison for again managing the starts. You might have noticed that we had a new wing-man helping with the handicap on Saturday, and into the future. Young Nathan Mudie is not able to run at present, and still wants to come to the Lake with the family; he has asked if he could help wherever possible, so thanks to Nathan for his first day on the job. Conducting the handicaps is so reliant on the assistance of many people, and the help of all is appreciated by myself and Rob big-time, as well as our many participants. Many of the latter do pass on their thanks for running the events, and I want to relay that thanks to all our helpers, who assist with set-up, take down, take photos, call the starts, do water stations, fill the cups, provide the fruit, etc etc etc. You are much loved and appreciated.

This go we had Lisa Wedgwood helping Bert Sloan out on the hill at the water station. Thank you both. And thank you to Bert for answering a microphone request post-race to provide a jump start for one of our newer members, Marly, when her car battery acted ornery.



We had 50 starters, the best number for several months. There were 4 having their first run this 16-17 series. And now only 5 have run all 8 runs.


The first to cross the line was Leidy Castro. Leidy ran a time of 51:57, a pb by 2m 40s on her best time ran last August. Her best efforts in recent months have yielded times in the low 55s. This go, she bettered her handicap by 3m 16s. The 10k handicap operates with rules including allowing the trophy winner to have a maximum tolerance of 2 minutes under handicap to be eligible for the trophy. Unfortunately this absolute wholehearted and all-out effort, giving this much improvement, caused her to be ineligible. Over recent weeks, Leidy and Ismael have run events longer than the 10k in distance, and have spent a morning training with Ben on the Pipeline course. Leidy said to me: “obviously the training is paying off too well”. Great great run Leidy. And keep the training going.


Next home was her husband Ismael Salazar, second across the line for the second consecutive month and again bettering his handicap by more than 2 minutes, and ditto ineligible. This go by 2 minutes and 2 seconds in fact. 2 seconds. That hurts. Ismael knew Leidy was still in front and was determined to try and catch her. Albeit not, and unfortunately busted in the process.  Ismael ran a time of 51:41, a pb by 2m 11s on last month’s pb of 53:52, and now for the second time sub 55. Great effort Ismael. Well run. You too, keep that training happening.


Third to cross was Marly Greenwood running in her 2nd qualifier. Well run Marly. Thanks to Bert you didn’t have the extra distance to run home.


Fourth to come home and our trophy winner was Tony Sinibaldi, with a run time of 49:32, first time sub 51:00, a pb of 1:51. A great run and time from Tony who also won the trophy back in January with a 51 minute pb run back then. Congratulations Tony.


Coming home as fast as, and officially 2nd, was Ben Swinfield in his best time of 42:37 since his Best of the Best effort back in August’16.


Run down in the straight by Ben, was 3rd placed Cheryl Penny. Cheryl won last month with her best time in over 6 months in 58:15 only 8 seconds off her pb set last August. This go, the time was a 57:05 bettering her pb by over a minute. Great back-up effort and congratulations Cheryl.


On a day of pbs and best runs, among the mix bettering handicap, was Lilian Molesworth, in the new course record time of 40:55. Last month Lilian ran 41:29, and that was her best time since she ran the course record, 41:06,  in February’16. A great champion run.


Trivia: 5 from the 6ft Track run 3 weeks ago bettered handicap. 




Fastest on the day:

Male:  Damian Persen 39:03,  Damian Persen 40:15  &  Darren Alchin 40:22

FemaleLilian Molesworth 40:55,  Lisa Bennett 44:43,  &  Mary Sheehan 48:09.



We are 8 runs into the series, and 4 runs to go. From the 8 runs, the 3 lowest monthly scores have been deducted from the aggregate to date. There are 11 points separating the top 7 point-scorers at his time. It is close and expected to remain so right to the finish line.


Thank you to everyone for participating.


Winners of the random draws for Easter egg packs: #18 Mark Hadaway, #30 Doug Fulford and #8 Grant Moroney. The lucky ticket draw was won by Nathan Mudie.



Oft said: you have to be in it to win it !!  And if you are in it, you are the winner !!






To the non-facebookers like me :

Davo has advised that he posted the following on facebook over the weekend together with the results and many photographs:


The  April 10km Handicap – an APRIL FOOL’S DAY RUN - a day of many happenings.

April Fool's day 2017 was characterised by many different things happening. Some related, some not. A coincidence or not ?? We will leave that up to you to interpret.


1. The weather was fine and sunny, really great for running. Now that is something different.

2. We had 14 Personal Best (PB's) times ranging from 1second to 599 seconds (9m 59s) over 25% of the runners improved their times.

3. The fastest female time was a course record and it was her birthday. To quote Lilian Molesworth " like they say getting older getting faster !" Congratulations.

4. The family contest continues. Wife and Husband, Leidy and Ismael, 1 and 2 across the line both with PBs of 2m 40s and 2m 11s respectively. Both too good to win the trophy as they broke their handicap time by more than 2min. Ismael by only 2 seconds, great time but just too greater time to win the Trophy.

5. Our January Trophy winner had a PB of just under 2mins and wins again, Congratulations Tony, our February Winner also had a PB by just over a minute and come third, Congratulation Cheryl Penny. Who would want to be the Handicapper with so many PB's happening?

6. Good contest for 2nd and 3rd placing in the fastest male category 7sec separating Darren and Steve.

7. Paul Croft (Croftie) shows up with a big smile after 12 days in hospital with a punctured lung and broken ribs and ran 1 km. Well, after all, it was April Fool’s day. Welcome back Croftie you were missed at the drink station. Thanks to Lisa Wedgwood and Bert Sloan for serving up the water on the course.

In all to was a great day of running, walking and talking. 



Patrick V,
Apr 8, 2017, 9:17 PM