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2015 October 10km handicap results

Handicap winner: Sam Mudie ... October15 Champion !!

2nd : Eamon McCann

3rd : Tony Sinnbaldi

Fastest on the day:


Damian Persen 35:42 Lilian Molesworth 39:15 Bruce Driscoll 41:11


Damian Persen 35:42 Bruce Driscoll 41:11 Walter Jacobsohn 42:02


Lilian Molesworth 39:15 Lisa Bennett 46:11 Mary Sheehan 46:59

The warm weather returnth !!

Last Saturday was the start of several days of the hottest October weather in many a year, and the morning across the duration of our event was the definitely the warmest for several months. (Remember July, 1 degree).

We had 51 starters (52 last month) so continuing a great turn-out to the start of the new series, 2015-16. We had a number still running qualifying runs and a couple requalifying. We have a new runner in Sue Reynolds; welcome to the club Sue. And we had a long term member returning, all the way from WA and here to stay, Lianne Christall.

Our first 2 runners home, Stuart McGraw and Joan Eisenhuth, were running their second qualifiers and both broke by greater than two minutes viz the 48 minute threshold ... All handicaps are based on a 50 minute finish, and a tolerance “to win” of 2 minutes is provided. The handicap winner is the first qualified and competitor/member to cross the line after the 48:00 minute mark. Stuart joined the club last month and ran a 56:34 with his first run, and this go bettered that by 5 minutes. Joan returned to the handicap in September after many years helping the handicappers. With the September run, she had backed up one week after the 100k Trailwalker, as did a few others, all still on a post 100 high. This go, Joan bettered the previous run by well over 5 & 1/2 minutes.

Next home was our trophy winner: Sam Mudie. And wasn’t Sam the most excited winner ever. Perhaps inspired from her supporting a very determined Trailwalker team, and coupled with very regular event running with Blackmore’s, Yass and now the handicap on consecutive weekends, Sam dropped her handicap time from her best run last June 60:41 to a 60:19 last month to a 58:38 pb this go. Well done champ!

Next home also running his second qualifier was Kevin Sheehan, dropping a minute from his September run. Kevin has not been a player in the 10k handicap for over 5 years, so great to have you back Kev.

Second home was Eamon McCann in a watch time of 44:31, his best time since his pb of 43:21 run November 2012. Well run Eamon.

Next home was our newest starter in the handicap, Sue Reynolds, with a result of 66:48 about 3 minutes better than she expected.

Officially third to cross the line was Tony Sinnbaldi. Tony has been an irregular participant in the handicap over several years, and this result of 52:47 was one of his better times.

Next home were the very fast finishing Leah Mudie and Walter Jacobsohn, just 3 seconds between them. Both ran right on handicap, Leah finishing in 57:44 with a 6 second pb, and Walter in 42:02 was just 20 secs off his pb run back in May, and one week after running his best half marathon at SMC in 4 years. Great results with great finishes.

Congratulations to everyone that took part.

Re the pbs ... so far in 2015-16, it is seemingly a family thing. Previously not reported, but in September, Damian and Kerrie Persen both pb’d big time, with Damian dropping his time from 37:18 to 35:14 (he commented on Saturday that he is now finding his old form), and Kerrie from 48:59 to 48:17. Likewise, Leah and Sam Mudie also scored pbs in September, and as mentioned above, did so again last Saturday.

A special mention for Lilian Molesworth. Lilian has been in the form of her life, running pbs in recent months over varying distances, and recently re-setting the new course record for our 10k handicap. Earlier this year, Lilian qualified to compete in the Kona Hawaii Ironman Triathlon being held this weekend on 10 October. Lilian flew out last Saturday evening. Beforehand, Lilian ran the handicap. On the start line she indicated she had to have an easy run ... it did appear that she started slow. Her finishing time was 39:15, not so slow. Maybe the competitive juices kicked in. Lilian’s time was second fastest outright on the day, and only a minute off her bust-a-gut pb run in August. Great competitor. All Westies wish Lilian the best of luck in Kona.

Progressive Point-score competitions:

We are 2 runs into the new series of 12, with the best 10 to count. It is still early days yet, and the early leaders of our progressive point-scores are as follows:

Handicap: Leah Mudie 392, Damian Persen 386, David Jaffe 384 and Sam Mudie 383.

Fastest Male: Damian Persen 19, Walter Jacobsohn 13 and Dean Turner 11

Fastest Female: Lilian Molesworth 20, Lisa Bennett 18 and Mary Sheehan 15.

The winners of our lucky draws: Lucky stick #22: Ian Forest-Jones and lucky ticket: Chris White. Both opted for a nice red wine.

Thanks to all our helpers. Special thanks always to Rob E at the start & finish, to Chris Moynham for general setting up and especially the water table, and to the Greg’s for putting our running gear away. A extra big thank you to those that cleanup the fruit and hot drinks table. And a special thank you to Wendy Davidson (visiting with the grand kids) and Nadza Zjakic for registering the results on Saturday.

All assistance is very very much appreciated. The runs would not happen without this.

Patrick V,
Oct 23, 2015, 1:50 AM
Patrick V,
Oct 23, 2015, 1:50 AM
Patrick V,
Oct 23, 2015, 1:50 AM
Patrick V,
Oct 23, 2015, 1:50 AM