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2015 November 10km handicap results

Results at the foot of the page.

by Vic Anderson

10k Handicap results from Saturday 7 November

Handicap winner: Eamon McCann
2nd : Herb Willems
3rd : Andrew Hamill

Fastest on the day:
Steve Pappas 39:26 Lilian Molesworth 41:26 Bruce Driscoll 41:57
Steve Pappas 39:26 Bruce Driscoll 41:57 Paul Webb 42:04
Lilian Molesworth 41:26 Lisa Bennett 44:58 Kerrie Persen 50:05

The crazy Sydney weather this go gave us very a warm morning temperature and high humidity to provide very sweaty, sticky and generally debilitating running conditions. Only 1 runner ran a pb. Only 4 including a re-qualifier broke handicap. Only another 6 finished within one minute of handicap. All up, half the numbers of last month. And unfortunately illness saw two of our regulars succumb to the conditions and not finish this one.

We had 44 starters (51 last month). We had four running qualifying runs. We had 4 new runners in Lee McCrystal, Martin Dinh, Jeremiah Cruz and Daniel Piggott. I believe the 10k handicap has made history with a female as the back-marker, with Lilian Molesworth starting with Steve Pappas at the rear of the field.

First home was our trophy winner Eamon McCann. This was Eamon’s first handicap win, taking his second placing from last month to the top of the dias this go. During last year’s handicap series to August‘15 he finished 4 times in the top 10 with three 46s and three 45s, and a best of 44:42. Last month he ran 44:31, and this go 43:57, his first 43 since May and June 2012; in that June he ran his pb of 43:25. Congratulations Eamon, a great reward for some inspired running, and a fantastic effort in the testing conditions.

Next home currently going through re-qualifiers, and now walking due to recent injury was Tony Farrell. Tony is oh so frustrated; keen to get into training for his annual Ironman/100k double, still a few months away. Tony walked 73:23, a great walking pace, and 11 minutes quicker than last month

Officially second home was Herb Willems in a watch time of 59:35, his best time since he returned to the handicap in August after many many years of having gone rural. Currently working in Sydney and a long way from his beloved, Herb is putting his energies into working and running. He started in the 65s, last month 61+, and now a 59, Herb is going great guns. Well done mate. (Actually Herb moved faster 3 weeks ago after crossing paths with a brown snake when he and Narelle were in Bourke catching up with family).

And next and officially third to cross the line was Andrew Hamill. After 4 straight 55s, Andy’s last go was 54:52 and this go 54:38. Some consistent running despite the conditions. Just under handicap. Well done Andy.

Next home was the first of new members, Martin Dinh. Martin estimated to go around in 48:00 and managed 48:19. Spot on mate. Good run.

First lady & 6th home and catching Kevin Sheehan right on the line was Lisa Bennett. Lisa ran 44:58, her best time since the Trailwalker 100k in August; Kevin ran his 3rd qualifier in his comeback to the 10k, 0:30 seconds over handicap.

Other times were seemingly influenced by the humidity. Congratulations to everyone that participated. Unfortunately 2 of our newer runners were caught up in running a 'new new' course; training on the incoming course and running the handicap on the traditional course; and unfortunately becoming confused. Sue and Lee, sorry about bringing about the confusion and I understand a solution has been worked out.

Thank you to Davo and Crofty for working the drink station out on the course, needed big time, and for the help from Bernadette Donnelly and Linda Foley with the setup. Thanks to Chris Moynham for the water table at the clubhouse. A special thank you to Mike O’Mara for timing the event with Rob E not available, at the HMAS Sydney de-commission, and to Nadza Zjakic on recording the results. A great team effort. All assistance is very very much appreciated. The runs would not happen without this.

Progressive Point-score competitions:

We are 3 runs into the new series of 12, with the best 10 to count. It is still early days yet, and the early leaders of our progressive point-scores are as follows:

Handicap: Herb Willems 577, Eamon McCann 569, Kerrie Persen and Sam Mudie 565, with Lilian Molesworth 551.
Fastest Male: Damian Persen 19, Bruce Driscoll 18, Dean Turner and Paul Webb 16, and Eamon 15.
Fastest Female: Lilian Molesworth 30, Lisa Bennett 27, Kerrie Persen 20 and Mary Sheehan 15.

The winners of our lucky draws: Lucky stick #36: Ian Jones and lucky ticket: Mark Wedgwood.

Patrick V,
Nov 20, 2015, 1:05 AM
Patrick V,
Nov 20, 2015, 1:05 AM
Patrick V,
Nov 20, 2015, 1:05 AM