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2015 May10km handicap results

Results can be downloaded from the foot of this page

By Vic Anderson (Handicapper)

  • · we had 31 starters, a good number given the clashing events
  •   the weather forecast promised a very wet morning, and the event was run in dry conditions
  • · 11 qualified runners bettered handicap
  • · 6 (of the 31, with more than one start) ran their best time in the 2014-15 series to date
  • · and 2 pbs.

Our fastest of the day was Lorri Dilucchio in 38:39. This is Lorri’s first time sub 40:00 since last October prior to injury. He is on the way back, in time for the City-to-Surf. Well done Lorri.

Our fastest lady on the day was Denise Driscoll in 48:02, her best time since last August (47:42). Denise is another on the comeback trail after injuries. Great result Denise.

The run of the day came from our first home and trophy winner, Geoff Craine in a time of 62:51. This is Geoff’s best time since October 2010. His best times this series have been in the high 64s, so this run was a ‘special’ for Geoff. Well done Geoff. Super result. Super run.

(Reports from the course were that Geoff was pushing hard. After crossing the line, he had the staggers. Big effort).

The run:

  • 2nd home was MC Yuen, 11 seconds behind Geoff in a watch time 51:47. This was MC’s best time since June 2014.
  • 3rd home a few seconds later was Ben Swinfield in 43:24, his best result since September’14.
  • Then Leanne Ooi in her pb time of 52:28, a 1m41s improvement on last month. The extra k’s are paying off short-term, as Leanne trains for her marathon in the US of A later in the year.
  • Then Cheryl Penny in 55:55 with her best since last October.
  • Then Denise Driscoll, our fastest lady.
  • From Ayoob Bhayat in 54:49 with his best since May’14.
  • From Eamon McCann in 45:17 with a best since November’12.
  • From Dean Turner who equalled his 43:22 pb set last month.
  • And 10th, last month’s winner Di Karageorgis with 51:50, bettering last month’s winning time, having bettered this time only once previously in March 2013.

A couple of special mentions: congratulations to Raewyn Williams for her best result for many months, finding time-to-run a little difficult with a new and very time consuming job, and to Daniel Illingworth, back into the handicap after back-to-back calf muscle tears.

I repeat myself when I say that: “Every month we usually have more than one runner that pulls out a special super effort and result; on another day any of those efforts could easily prove to be a winner. Every month we can only have one trophy-winner but in reality, there are many winners. We had several this month. The competitiveness of our runners is very evident and most are always trying to do their best. This is making for a great contest for the line and that trophy”.

Well done to everybody that took participated.

Fastest on the day:


Lorri Dilucchio 38:39 Damian Person 39:14 Paul Webb 40:40


Denise Driscoll 48:02 Jacqui Viterale 49:00 Alex Bucci 51:22

Progressive Point-score competitions:

All competitions are best 10 of the 12 runs, so the two lowest scores are deducted. After these adjustments, the competition standings are as follows:


Again this month we have some shuffling: Dean Turner has moved into the lead for the first time, with 1365 points; Geoff Craine has leaped from sixth into second on 1351; Peter Brouwer moved into third just behind on 1348; from Paul Webb on 1344 and Ann Owen on 1338.

Fastest Female:

Lilian Molesworth 70 Lisa Bennett 55 and Jacqui Viterale 48

Fastest Male:

Paul Webb 61 Steve Pappas 49 and Gary Dalton 41.

The winners of our lucky draws: Lucky stick #23: Paul Webb, (#15 won last month) and lucky ticket: Leta Franklin. As well as these two, I still have to catch up with Nelson Ingram, (last handicap), Bruce Driscoll (the last 5@theLake), Di Karageorgis and Fahri Ozturk.

Thanks to all our helpers. Special thanks to Nadza for clicking in the finishers, to Lisa Bennett (while still ankle strapped) on the result recording; to Chris Moynham for general setting up including the water table, and to Rob Davo on the camera. All assistance very very much appreciated.

Patrick V,
May 11, 2015, 2:35 AM
Patrick V,
May 11, 2015, 2:35 AM
Patrick V,
May 11, 2015, 2:35 AM
Patrick V,
May 11, 2015, 2:35 AM