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2015 March 10km handicap results

Results can be downloaded from the foot of this page

Report by Vic Anderson

While the February handicap day provided better running conditions than the months previous, March looked like it was a better morning, but results were mixed:

  • we had 46 starters
  • 35 of whom were also starters last month (this was one of our better back-ups)
  • only 18 of these 35 had better returns than last month
  • 8 qualified runners bettered handicap including excelling efforts from our back markers
  • 8 (of the 45, with more than one start) ran their best time in the 2014-15 series to date,
  • and 1 pb.

The notable achievement of the run was with our trophy winner Mark Hadaway. Mark did win last month’s (February) event in a watch time of 49:50 with his best run since November 2012. Last Saturday (March) he won the trophy again, turning the clock way back - running his new pb time of 48:09. His previous best was a 48:16 run in August 2011. Why the recent improvements? Training. Revenge. Payback. And more training. Mark has entered his 4th NorthFace 100km, to be held this May. Last year’s effort #3 chewed Mark up … big ultra-events can do this to anyone. In his own words, he was in a very dark place about 2:00 a.m. (and he still had another 22km to go). He wants to flog the beast this year, and is going all out to be at his fittest and best. On recent Sundays, he has run in the Blue Mountains, on the bike paths under the M4 at 5:00 a.m., and at the Lake.

Mark. Big congratulations on the handicap achievements. Keep it going. Well done.

And for the second month running, a headline mention has to be the run of Lilian Molesworth, with her time of 39:52. Last month it was reported that Lilian’s time of 40:34 was her best in 2 years. And now we have Lilian’s first time sub 40 since February 2013, and best time since May 2012, nearly 3 years. Another great great run Lilian. Lilian’s pb sits at 38:36 set in August 2011. Maybe that’s the target!

The run:

We had a new member join us on Saturday, Peter Watson. Peter joined the club a few weeks ago and had his first handicap run last Saturday. Peter was third to cross the line; he estimated a time of ‘around 55’ and finished with a watch time of 52:26. Well done Peter, welcome to the club. We had one re-qualifier with Andy Hamill returning after a 9 months absence as a consequence of injury. Welcome back Andy, really good to see you back. Andy’s last run in May’14 had been his best in over 12 months with just under 54:00. Coming off very limited preparation he predicted a 59:00. Andy was the first to cross that finish line in his time of 57:37. As qualifiers/re-qualifiers, Pete and Andy were not eligible for the trophy.

Across the line, finishing just 2 seconds behind Andy was our winner: Mark. Then Peter. Then Lilian, officially 2nd.

45 seconds later, Steve Pappas (3rd) caught Geoff Craine on the line; a few seconds after that Pat Browne held off a fast finishing Paul Webb (1 second), then Gary Dalton caught John Child a few seconds out from home. Steve (39:07), Pat (48:33) and Gary (38:53) ran their best times in this 2014/15 series.

Five of the six back-markers finished in the top 8 … Gary (7th), Paul (6th), Steve (3rd), Lilian (2nd), and John (8th). Great running all !!!! And as stated, there were some best times in these results.

What a race this must have been. Lilian off a +9:00 handicap, Steve off +10:30, Paul off +10:45 and Gary off +11:00. Lilian initially clearing out, and the others at all times within sight of one another. Lilian running her best, 40 secs better than last month, finishing 45 secs ahead of Steve, 12 secs ahead of Paul, 4 secs head of Gary. Post event feedback advises Paul got past Steve, who came back, but Paul held on because he was fully aware that Steve had that 15 sec start. In terms of fastest on the day Gary (38:53) lead home Paul (39:04), Steve (39:07) and Lilian (39:52).

Also running best times for the series to date were Trudy Welton (46:17), Mary Sheehan (47:16), MC Yuen (54:51), Shirley Dalton (59:52) and Julio Hernandez (65:35). Well done all! I’ll repeat myself, “Great running!”.

Unfortunately, we did have our first fall this series (the 3.5k had a couple last month). David Jaffe came down on the rough pathway about 100m out from the finish, hitting the deck and having a serious claret flow from the knee, hand and shoulder. After some doctoring, David joined the throng to, very coincidently, win the lucky ticket prize and opted for a bottle of red wine (maybe to replace that which had been lost?).

Missing her first run of the series was Lisa Bennett, who badly sprained an ankle 1km into a 10k trail event a fortnight earlier. Yes, she finished. And then she asks whether she did the right thing. Of course! But I am not a doctor! Lisa maintained her presence at the handicap by heading out with Davo to the water station.

Well done to everybody that took part.

Fastest on the day:

Gary Dalton 38:53 Paul Webb 39:04 Steve Pappas 39:07
Lilian Molesworth 39:52 Trudy Welton 46:17 Mary Sheehan 47:16

Progressive Point-score competitions:
All competitions are best 10 of the 12 runs, so the two lowest scores are deducted. After these adjustments, the competition standings are as follows:

There have been some changes in the deckchairs this month: Lilian Molesworth has moved into the lead for the first time with 988 points; Dean Turner remains second, now on 977; John Child has advanced into third and just one point in arrears on 976; with Paul Webb not far away on 970.

Fastest Female:
Lilian Molesworth 50 Lisa Bennett and Jacqui Viterale 37 and Trudy Welton 29
Fastest Male:
Paul Webb 46 Kyle Macdonald 40 Steve Pappas 38 Gary Dalton 34 and John Child 33

The winners of our lucky draws: Lucky stick #41: Rafic Awad, (#42 won last month) and lucky ticket: David Jaffe. David selected a red wine as his prize. Rafic had two choices with an uncollected ‘lucky ticket’ from last month, so went for a red, as well as Nike socks. We also caught up with Ayoob Bhayat from a previous month and e opted for the Nike socks.

Thanks to all our helpers, including Rob Ellison and Pat Cuninghame with the start/finish, Greg White and Greg Sackett for their wrapping up of the finish area, and of course our “water teams” Chris Moynham and Vicki Willis at the start, and Rob Davo, Lisa and Crofty on course. All assistance very very much appreciated.

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