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2015 June 10km handicap results

by Vic Anderson...

10k Handicap results from Saturday

· we had 49 starters

· the mornings leading to race day were some of the coldest for early June in decades, but race day was a little warmer and ideal for fast running

· we had 8 new starters having a qualifying run in anticipation of the next series commencing with the September run

· we had 2 ‘old’ handicappers returning for a run after some years away

· 20 qualified runners bettered handicap

· 14 (of the 39 with more than one start) ran their best time in the ten runs of the 2014-15 series to date

· and 4 great pbs.

Our fastest of the day was Steve Pappas in 38:19. This is Steve’s fastest for 2014-15 by 40 secs. Steve is teaming with Lorri Dilucchio, Gary Dalton and David Riches in the City to Surf. Best of luck boys. Nice run this go Steve.

Our fastest lady on the day was Lilian Molesworth in 39:08. Lilian has only beaten this time once previously, nearly 4 years ago in August 2011, with her best time of 38:36. Super fantastic run Lilian.

To repeat myself yet again: “Every month we usually have more than one runner that pulls out a special super effort and result; on another day any of those efforts could easily prove to be a winner”. Yet again such was the case.

As the leads of the field crossed the line, we had a mix of finishers comprising the qualifying and the qualified.

Our qualified need the first mentions ...

Third to cross the line but breaking the threshold of the 2 minutes less than target handicap (50:00) in 47:42, therefore ineligible for the trophy, was Morgan Sillis with a terrific watch time of 43:42, 2m21s faster than any run this series, and only 28 secs off his pb for this course set in March 2103. This is definitely Morgan’s breakthrough run as he returns post injuries and 2 dnfs in recent handicaps. Morgan is contesting the World Duathlon Championships in Adelaide in October and we wish him the very best for then, and in the interim as he trains and races well.

Sixth to cross the line was Walter Jacobsohn in the watch time of 41:41, and on the clock 48:01, so just taking the trophy and our winner; 2 secs faster and he would have broken threshold. Walter finished 6 secs head of Dean Turner, with Di Karageorgis one second behind. For all 3, this was a contest to the line. Walter had started the run 10 secs ahead of Dean. And both would have caught Di very very late. Walter has run irregularly this series, earlier concentrating on his first and successful 6ft track run; his best 10 handicap had been 43:53. This go, he came out and smashed that; he also seriously dented his pb of 42:26 that had been run on two occasions in January and June 2012. A 45 sec pb. Great run Walter. Congratulations.

Next home, across the line and officially 2nd was Dean Turner in a watch time of 41:37. Right now, Dean has to be one of the most dedicated runners in our club. He runs he club events Saturdays, when he is having a go in an organised event, he runs with Bruce Driscoll and Gary Dalton and credits that running with these two has pushed him, and his times have improved as a result. This is Dean’s first handicap series. He ran his first four runs in the high 46s-47s, he ran a 44, a 45, a 43:22 two months in a row and now the 1m45s pb to the 41:37. His regular improvement does see Dean sitting atop of the handicap pointscore. Terrific run today Dean, absolutely terrific.

And then Di Karageorgis in a time of 49:53, first time sub-50 mins, and that’s a Goal!.... Di ran her pb back in March’13 in 51:27; last month she ran the closest result to that run in the period since with 51:50. Her effort this go, 49:53 equally smashed her best time this series and her pb by 1m57s. In September last year, Di had her first trail run, and has pretty much entered a trail run every month since culminating in a great 50k result at North Face. Her feedback has been that the trails have given her a strength and confidence she did not have previously, and right now, she really loves her running! A great, great run Di, and big congrats.

And a little further back, in a clock time of 48:47, and watch time of 52:47, Sue White ran her pb, knocking 53 secs off her February run of 53:40. Super Sue. Congratulations on a great result.

28 runners actually bettered handicap. These included several having their first run in this series: Peter Richards and Tracey Finegan having their first runs in over 4 years, and both under-estimating their expected times. Peter was first to cross the line, almost 7 minutes better than he thought he could do. We have 8 considering stepping up from the 3.5k event and some ran better than they expected, and others on their estimated handicap. These included Ian Forest-Jones in a watch time of 47:25 (his 10k handicap was 46:06 ran in June 11, 4 years ago, not bad Ian), Leidy Castro, Mark Southwell, Kathy Clarke, Kerrie Persen, Leah Mudie, Sam Mudie and Neil Saltmarsh.

And while all this was happening, we had those that had their best run in this 2014-15 series; Morgan, Steve and Lilian have been mentioned, but others championed this run:

  • Bart Cupitt ran 43:50, 2m47s quicker than earlier runs, reflecting the strength coming off the North Face distance
  • Shirley Dalton ran 57:26, 2:26 quicker and flying after a health slow down last year
  • Pierre DiMichiel ran 51:51, 1:04 quicker no doubt still on a Paris high
  • Zenita Acaba ran 59:47, quicker by 50 secs, with first time sub-60 in 14/15, and following eye surgery that took her out for many weeks after run 1

Eamon McCann (35s), Mary Sheehan (22s), Cathy Cox (21s), Andy Hamill (20s), Cheryl Penny (16s), Gary Dalton (5s) and Peter Brouwer (3s).

And in her best run since September, maintaining her recent ½ marathon form, Raewyn Willliams ran a minute quicker than any time in the 9 months since.

Great running all round ...

Well done to everybody that took participated.

Fastest on the day:


Steve Pappas 38:19 Gary Dalton 38:48 Damian Person 39:40


Lilian Molesworth 39:08 Lisa Bennett 46:00 Mary Sheehan 46:54

Progressive Point-score competitions:

All competitions are best 10 of the 12 runs, so the two lowest scores are deducted. After these adjustments, the competition standings are as follows:


The top of the table has remained unchanged: Dean Turner has increased his lead, with 1563 points; Geoff Craine remains second on 1535; Peter Brouwer moved closer, now on 1534; from Paul Webb on 1527 and Ann Owen on 1516. Rounding out the top women, we have Cheryl Penny not far behind Ann on 1509, Lilian on 1468 and Jacqui Viterale on 1466.

Fastest Female:

Lilian Molesworth 80 Lisa Bennett 64 and Jacqui Viterale 54

Fastest Male:

Paul Webb 68 Steve Pappas 59 and Gary Dalton 50.

The winners of our lucky draws: Lucky stick #33: Ann Owen, (#23 won last month) and lucky ticket: Mike Ellis.

Thanks to all our helpers. Special thanks to Rob E at the start & finish, to Ayoob Bhayat (ps great to see Lisa running again) on the result recording; to Chris Moynham for general setting up including the water table. All assistance is very very much appreciated.

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