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2015 January 10km handicap results

Results can be downloaded from the foot of this page

with Vic Anderson...

Our Westies new year started with the handicap event on the 3rd. A snapshot of the results was posted on the club facebook* on that day.

Starting with a recap:
A temperature at 7:30 of 24 degrees and humidity at 86% provided an additional challenge for all competitors. Conditions were very muggy from the outset and the water was in exceptional demand. A special thank you to Chris Moynham for again setting up the start/finish drink station before heading out to run his race, and to Vicki Willis for maintaining the supply as the morning unfolded. Meanwhile at mid-course and out on the hill, Rob Davo, Paul Croft and Neil Saltmarsh handed over 140 cups of the much appreciated water. (Cup statistician Davo has recorded this as his all time high).

There were 42 starters and only 5 bettered their handicaps. The conditions told on many runners with over half the field not bettering their previous month’s effort, and several off the mark by at least 2 minutes.

First home and our trophy winner was Peter Brouwer, in a run time of 46:13, his best time since February’14. Congratulations Peter. All things considered, this was a great run and a great comeback; last month, Peter had been runner up to Alex Bucci, who this month was 2nd to Peter. This was Alex’s fifth handicap run, and has lowered her times with each run, this go 50:47. The consistent improvement has returned Alex continual high-level scores in the Handicap Point-score.

3rd to finish was Dean Turner, giving us his best time in his 4 runs to date, a good 46:32.

On a good day the quicks come out to play. And they run true to form. On a weather challenging day, the more meritorious the run if the quicks can do their thing. And so they did with this January run. 4th home and Fastest Female was Lilian Molesworth in a time of 42:36, one second faster than last month, and 5th and Fastest Male was Kyle Macdonald in 33:29. Wow! Not his fastest but travelling, yes! Congratulations to both of you for fantastic efforts.

Fastest Females:
Lilian Molesworth 42:36 (pb 38:36 in August’11)
Lisa Bennett 44:42 (pb 42:06 in July’14)

Fastest Males:
Kyle Macdonald 33:29 (pb 32:54 in September’14)
Steve Pappas 40:10
Paul Webb 41:05

Congratulations to all our participants. Conditions were very testing. Being mindful of what can be achieved, and competing and finishing can and does give one the greatest satisfaction. No one went down. You were all winners!

We are 5 runs into the new series of 12, with the best 10 to count. It is still early days yet; the ‘minus the two lowest scoring runs’ will kick into the tabulations with the February results, but for now, the early leaders of our progressive point-scores are as follows:

Handicap: Paul Webb 963, Lisa Bennett 948, Geoff Craine 946 and Alan Whitmore 943.
Fastest Male: Paul Webb 44, Kyle Macdonald 30, John Child 27 and Steve Pappas 27.
Fastest Female: Lisa Bennett 46, Lilian Molesworth, 40 Alex Bucci 26 and Jacqui Viterale 25.

The winners of our lucky draws: Lucky stick #34 Doug Fulford, and lucky ticket: Di Karageorgis.

Thanks to all our helpers, including Rob Ellison and Pat Cuninghame with the start/finish, and Greg White and Greg Sackett for their wrapping up of the finish area every month. All very much appreciated.

We welcome back ex-presidente Doug Fulford to the active list of the handicap. In recent times, Doug’s non-running activities have kept him very very busy for many many months and more, but it was a great and pleasant surprise with Doug rock’n up for a handicap start. He might have been in a little troubs with the former first lady, because she, Viv, headed off to their holiday location the day before. Doug had a job to finish, and was then to follow; then it became first thing the next morning; then it became after the handicap. Go Doug!

Postscript 2:
Doug. You are neither the first nor will be the last to plan/work holidays and life around running. This is rule #1 of being a runner, and a Westie!

Patrick V,
Feb 6, 2015, 11:15 PM
Patrick V,
Feb 6, 2015, 11:15 PM
Patrick V,
Feb 6, 2015, 11:15 PM
Patrick V,
Feb 6, 2015, 11:15 PM