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2015 February 10km handicap results

Results can be downloaded from the foot of this page

with Vic Anderson...

Last Saturday. It just seemed like a great morning for a run, much cooler conditions than last month, not so humid … and so it certainly proved to be …
  • we had 49 starters
  • 31 of whom were also starters last month
  • 30 of these 31 had better returns than last month
  • 16 of the 49 broke handicap
  • 24 (of the 49, with more than one start) ran their best time in the 2014-15 series to date, including
  • 5 pbs.
Outstanding running. And the standout was Kyle Macdonald in his new pb time of 32:28.

Kyle had not run sub 33 on our course prior to this current series. With the first run in September, he cracked that milestone with 32:54, and followed that up with 32:55. Last month he ran well in the heat (33:29) and he did say to me that he felt he would do better next time. And he certainly did. Dropped his pb by a near half minute.

One has to admire Kyle’s determination and drive. He starts at the rear of the field, and this month nearly 4 minutes behind the previous starter, and he nearly caught the field, finishing 9th across the line.

In my time as handicapper and with ready access to some previous records, this is the second fastest run time recorded in our handicap since August 2006.

In August 2012, Matt Cox made a one-run return to the handicap (his pb till that run had been his last run in September 2010 at 32:36). He ran 31:25. In that same handicap Tim Molesworth also ran his pb of 32:43.

So Kyle, this was a truly super fantastic run. Big congratulations.

There were other great runs on the day. Another that warrants a headline mention was that of Lilian Molesworth, with her time of 40:34. Lilian missed most of last series through injury. Just prior to that she was running 43s. Lilian resumed in the handicap in October after missing 8 months, and ran a touch over 44. This was a time she was quietly pleased with. She then ran a 43 (and stated she was on her way back), and then a pair of 42:30’s. So this run of 40:34 slashed recent efforts by over 2 minutes. So indeed a great run. Her best ever time, and the fastest I have in my records (from August 2006) for a female, is the 38:36 Lilian ran in August 2011. During 2012 she ran a few 39s, the last time in November. So the 40:34 was her best in over 2 years. Great great run Lilian.

The run:

We had a new member join us on Saturday, Leanne Ooi. Leanne came down last year and had a run, and now wants to become a Saturday regular and had her first qualifying run on Saturday. She was joined by 3 others also having their first run in this series: Corinne Fulford had her first run since April 2012. She hasn’t been doing too much of late, rightly giving priorities to her medical studies. She may only be available to run with us for a few months before she is posted to a country hospital as a requirement of her studies. Denise Driscoll returned to the 10k following a period of injury and a short stint in the 3.5km handicap. And David Riches had his first run since July last year, like he had never left, still running very well in the 36s.

As the runners came into sight of the finish, a number of members who had earlier run the 3.5km course assembled and cheered every runner ‘by name’ across that finish line. Great support and camaraderie, and very much appreciated.

First to cross the line was Corinne. She gave us an estimate of her time, so we handicapped her according, and did 3 minutes better than expected, running in 51:55; so not only her 1st re-qualifier but breaking the 2 minute handicap tolerance. Good come-back, run. Hopefully we see you often. And what was dad doing in Mittagong when he was supposed to be running?

Next to cross with his great pb run was Dean Turner in a time of 44:07. Dean joined the club back in September has had 3 of his runs bouncing around in the 46s, so this effort was a 2m25s improvement on his previous best last month. To say Dean was not pleased would be a great understatement. His training secret: one minute interval training sessions on the treadmill. Well done Dean. Great result. Great run. And obviously Dean was too quick breaking handicap by over two minutes.

And third to cross was Lilian with her super run, unfortunately breaking the ‘2 minutes’ by 11 seconds.

Fourth to cross the line, and officially first, our handicap and trophy winner was Mark Hadaway. in the watch time of 49:50 (clock time 48:20). Mark once worked with me. He was your typical couch potato until he was influenced. He joined Westies in 2009 and had his first run in the handicap in October in a time of 56:55. He got his times down and ran regularly in the 51s. Abetted by running longer distances and trails, he had a great run into the 48s, then maintained the 49s, until slipping in the late 2012s. In January 2013, Mark and his family headed to Kiribati for 12 months charity work under a Commonwealth program. Mark came to love the island life – slow and very laid back. In the early days he attempted to go for a run. He was questioned by the locals with “why do you do this”? he gave up. An unchanging diet of fish and rice and no fresh fruit or veges, minimal exercise, no hills to walk … Mark, in his own words, returned “soft and cuddly”. He returned to the handicap late last series and has had mixed results, 54s, 52s, a 51:27 and now this breakthrough. Well done mate.

Then, as they came home: Officially second. Peter Brouwer. Peter finished 20 seconds behind Mark on the clock, with a watch time of 44:40. This is the third month in a row that Peter has had a fantastic run, finishing runner up, winner, and runner up. Great running Peter. Peter had an injury in the May 2014 run and limped home in 56. Rest as usual was the recommended cure. Peter came back rusty 4 months later. 52,.51, 48, 47, last month 46:13 (and trophy) and this go 44:40. Peter’s best time on this course is in the mid 43s during mid-2012. Looking good for a new best time mate.

Next home, David Riches with his re-qualifying 36:43, sure to be lowered.

Third. Alan Whitmore with a series best 45:30, and his best since October 2012. In more recent times, Alan’s bests have been in the mid 46s. Well run Alan.

And a couple of other special mentions:

  • Ann Owen – pb of 53:16 by 59s. All the long training for the 6ft track run and the north face event later in the year is paying short course dividends. Good on you Ann. Congratulations.
  • Lisa Bennett – back into the 43s (just – 43:59) after 4 straight 44s.
  • Tracy Lee – after a couple of ‘not so great for her’ runs (58 & 56) she has a 51 and her best result since her pb back in August.
  • Zenita Acaba – happy happy as, taking 6 minutes off her last effort.
  • Philip Bell – struggling with his times lately, but plaudits for always having a go, returned his best time in 6 months with a 71.26.
  • Lorri Dilucchio – with glut issues, ran within his limitations, to simply run and finish the handicap. Well done.
  • Jacqui Viterale – pb first time into the 47s with 47:33 coming down from 48:36 when she won the trophy back in August. Fantastic run Jacqui.
  • Sue White – another with a pb, 53:40 coming down from 54:25. Congratulations Sue.
  • Well done to everybody that took part.

Fastest on the day:

Kyle Macdonald 32:28 David Riches 36:43 Gary Dalton 39:12 Paul Webb 39:22 and Steve Pappas 39:36

Lilian Molesworth 40:34 Lisa Bennett 43:59 Mary Sheehan 47:28 Jacqui Viterale 47:33 Trudy Welton 47:33 Cathy Cox 47:39 … some close ones here.

Progressive Point-score competitions:

All competitions are best 10 of the 12 runs, so the two lowest scores are deducted. After these adjustments, the competition standings are as follows:

Alex Bucci 799 Dean Turner 791 Lilian Molesworth 789 Kyle Macdonald 785 John Child 783 and Peter Brouwer 778

Fastest Female:
Lilian Molesworth 40 Lisa Bennett 37 Jacqui Viterale 30 and Alex Bucci 26

Fastest Male:
Kyle Macdonald 40 Paul Webb 37 Steve Pappas 30 and John Child 27

The winners of our lucky draws: Lucky stick #42: Zenita Acaba, and lucky ticket: Liz Storey. Liz selected a red wine as her prize – to continue celebrating her birthday from the day before, and Zenita a white wine, to celebrate her 6 minute improvement.

Thanks to all our helpers, including Rob Ellison and Pat Cuninghame with the start/finish, Greg White and Greg Sackett for their wrapping up of the finish area, and of course our water boys Chris Moynham, Rob Davo and Crofty. All very much appreciated.
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Feb 18, 2015, 1:53 AM
Patrick V,
Feb 18, 2015, 1:53 AM
Patrick V,
Feb 18, 2015, 1:53 AM
Patrick V,
Feb 18, 2015, 1:53 AM