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2015 December 10km handicap results

Results can be downloaded below.

Handicap results from Saturday 5 December 2015

Our first 3 to cross the line were qualifiers, Sue Reynolds having her 2nd qualifier in 61:26 and with a serious time improvement on her first go, Tony Farrell continuing his injury comeback in 61:39, and then Martin Dinh in 44:39, another improving big time on his first and previous month effort.

Our next to cross and our trophy winner was Herb Willems, a handicap contender many years previous prior to moving to the Snowy Mountains. Herb has been working for the past 6 months in Sydney and has resumed his running every Saturday at the Lake, running 65s last August, and this go a 2 minute improvement on last month with a 57:40. This has been a great comeback for Herb given his illness issues a few years ago, and some dramas even during early last year with his hearing. He has said that this is the best he has felt in a long time, and he seems to have plenty of running improvement in him still. Congratulations Herb. Done good!.

Coming in 2nd was Lisa Bennett, in 43:07, her best since July 2014. She had regularly run 42s through 2014, then slowed a little with injury. Right now, she is running so well.

And 3rd was Alex Bucci, in 49:14, her pb; previously her best had been 49:53 in July 2015. Great running Alex.

Just ahead of Rafic Awad, first time sub 60 since he ran 58s in October 2014;

then Sam Mudie in 57:44, her pb from 58:38 back in October 2015;

then Jacqui Viterale in 47:32, lowering her pb by 1 sec, ran 10 months ago back in Feb 2015;

then Eamon McCann, last month’s handicap winner, bounced again and ran a beauty, with his 43:44 this go his best since November 2012;

Bruce Driscoll, 41:01, his best since his 40:44 back in July;

Cheryl Penny, also breaking handicap, with 56:34 and her best also since July.

Our winner of the lucky stick #27 was Peter Brouwer and the lucky ticket Ron Stitzinger; both opted for a bottle of wine.

Patrick V,
Jan 25, 2016, 9:09 PM
Patrick V,
Jan 25, 2016, 9:09 PM