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2014 June 10km handicap results

RESULTS can be downloaded from the foot of this page.

Where do we start?

  • 22 break handicap!
  • Over 70s go 1, 2, and 3 across the line!
  • Brett Jonathan digs even deeper!
  • Some big pbs.
  • And Peter and Grant still battling close in the point-score.

It was cold, but once the sun started to rise, the conditions were ideal for running, and very much evidenced with the results for many. 22 finishers bettered their handicap,

We had 5 re-qualifiers: Denise Driscoll, Julie Trbic, Geoff Craine, Gary Dalton and Mark Hadaway, some of whom were returning after lengthy times off with injuries. We had 3 new runners to our handicap, with Ann Owen having a run and umming and arhhing whether to leave the 3.5k handicap next series, Monica Young also having her first tilt at our longer course, and Trent Glynn who joined the club with his family in recent weeks.

This brings to 92 who have had a start in the 10k handicap this year.

The making of history:

This has to have been the first time that the first 3 to cross the line are septuagenarians. All 70+, and all too fast on the day to break their handicaps by in excess of 2 minutes.

First home, Julio Hernandez. 61:06. Where did that run come from Julio? This is your best time since April 2012, the last time you went sub 65:00, and at that time you went sub 60. Wow. Killed it. You broke handicap by over 4 minutes.

Second home, Chris Moynham. Mate. 80:31. You done real good. Your best time since August 2012, and the first time sub 85:00 since April 2013.

Third home, Elwyn Elms. 49:51. Your best time since April 2013.

Guys. Super running. Well done. Congratulations. But no trophy. All too quick, and broke that 48:00 minute threshold.

Next home, officially first, and our trophy winner was Brett Jonathan. Brett impressed in last year’s series by continually lowering his pb, as he came out of the 46s, into the 45s, and 44s. This series he has been playing in the 42s. This go 41:07, a 1m20s pb. Congratulations Brett. Great run.

Officially second, only 2 seconds behind Brett, was Lachlan McKenzie, with a 37:09. This was also a big pb, lowering his March run time by 1m30s.

It is a challenge to lower achieve personal bests at any time, and even more challenging when you are trying to lower times when running quick, but a 1:30 improvement when already sub 40 is mighty. Congratulations Lachlan. Great achievement!

Three seconds in arrears, in third place was Cheryl Penny, in 54:27, also a pb, of 16secs on her previous best set in April 2013.

And the runners continued to stream in, separated only by seconds.
  • Lisa Bennett, in her new pb time of 42:31, a 1:18 improvement on the time set last month.
  • Paul Webb in 38:19, his best time on the course since March’13.
  • John Child in 43:07 with his best run since September’12.
  • Philip Bell was our tenth to cross in 62:42 in his best time since October’12.
  • Another 12 bettered their handicap, including Julie Trbic and Tracy Lee, both going sub 50:00 for the first time in 49:28 and 49:33 respectively, and Daniel Illingworth going sub 43:00 for only the second time, 42:47; the last time was February’12.

And two more pbs for our point-score leaders Peter Allen and Grant Moroney contributed to their riveting battle. Both runners had their start times adjusted after their pb May runs. So, they go out and run pbs again, 47:36 and 42:56respectively. Peter improved by 55 secs, Grant by 47 secs. Grant started 4m45s after Peter on the clock. Their race time separation at the end for June was 5 seconds. In May, Grant beat Peter home, just. In June, Peter got Grant, by 5 secs and 2 places. Keep it going fellas. Brilliant efforts and congratulations.

And the point-score table: first: Peter 1,561 and second Grant 1,556.

While these two battle it out at the top, in 3rd we have Lorri Dilluchio on 1,513, Brett Jonathan on 1,509 and Paul Webb on 1,499. There is a contest there!

In eighth position on the table is the first woman, with Lianne Christall on 1,492, leading from Cheryl Penny on 1,459 and Raewyn Williams on 1,402.

On the day, our fastest were Hamish Wallace in 35:08 and Lisa Bennett in 42:31. Well done to you both.

In the fastest male point-score, Lorri increased his lead from 11 to 15 to be on 64, Paul Webb remains 2nd on 49, from Steve Pappas on 48 and Lachlan McKenzie on 44. Still a competition.

In the fastest female point-score, Lisa has hit the lead on 58, now from Cathy Cox on 54, and from Mary Sheehan still on 46. And not much in that one!

The lucky stick winner was #24 for Mark Hadaway and the ticket draw was won by Peter Allen. Mark opted for a bottle of red, and Peter the socks.

Photo: Winner Brett, flanked by Lisa and Hamish.

Thanks to everyone for having a go! And congratulations for some great running.
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Jun 14, 2014, 2:42 PM
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Jun 14, 2014, 2:42 PM
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