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2014 July 10km handicap results

Results can be downloaded using the PDF files at the foot of the page.

by Vic Anderson

Another great handicap round !

Big numbers again break handicap
First finishers smash handicaps
Other runners turn back the clock
Our fastest male and female both run pbs
The point-score remains a battle of two

Firstly, always, thanks to the Westies who were on hand to set-up and take down; many appreciations again to Joan Eiso stepping in for Paul who is working his butt off; and to Rob Ellison and Di Karageorgis with the time recording.

Another cold morning with conditions proving ideal for running, and very much evidenced with the results for many. 24 finishers bettered their handicap. We had 43 starters.

A couple of the regulars were m-i-a expending their energies on the Gold Coast, and enjoying the sun!

We had 2 re-qualifiers: Jacqui Viterale, and Tony Farrell.

Jacqui returned for her first handicap after her bike incident, having resumed at the Lake about 4-5 weeks ago, and she came back fast to run her best time in a handicap. 50:16. Great job Jacqui. Sub 50 next go?

Tony didn’t return fast. He came back after expending his body in the Ironman, then North Face, then a big work workload for several weeks including most weekends. Tony finished his run totally spent, but so glad to be having the run. Great to have you back mate!

The number who have had a start in the 10k handicap this year remains at 92. There has been 100 in the 3.5km.

First home was Trudy Welton. Trudy was running her 3rd qualifier and came home in a watch time of 44:52, a huge comedown from her previous run of 51:03. Trudy had run a ‘slightly longer course’ (of about ½ km) with her run last month. She backed up this handicap run with 48:04 in the 11km Sutherland to Surf last Sunday. Her ‘clock’ time of 45:37 ‘smashed’ the threshold of ’48:00’ minutes. Whether being too too fast or still qualifying, Trudy was ineligible for the trophy.

Second home was Mick Kilham. I received a text from Mick the night prior to the run: “I am going to break 50 minutes”. Mick has been training with Peter Allen over longer distances over several months. Their goal was to go sub 2hrs for the 21.1km. They did. Together. Peter has gone on and run under the 50 minutes consistently for the past 3 months. Well. Mick ran 48:19, smashing his 50 minute target, annihilating his previous 51:43 in his last handicap run. Mick ran his best time since October 2011. A clock time of 46:34 = busted !! Sorry mate. Too fast!

Third home was Mark Hadaway having his second handicap run in successive months. Mark was recently in the Pacific Islands for 12 months doing specialist charity work with his wife, and accompanied by the 3 kiddlies. On the islands, as flat as, the biggest mound was one metre high and man-made. Conditions did not favour running in daylight hours. Mark measured out a 5km course, and ran that in the pre-dawn on occasions when he heard from his running mates back here in Aus. Mark ran 52:00; he was still qualifying and also broke the threshold.

Next home was Jacqui. I do repeat: great job Jacqui!

Next home, officially first, and our trophy winner was Lianne Christall. Lianne joined the 10km handicap in August 2013. She has missed only one handicap this series – she slept in. Lianne started off lowering her times, then plateaued with consistent running over the past 3 months, 53:59, 54:04 and 54:06. With this handicap she pb’d with her 52:45. Great run Lianne. Great run. Big congratulations. Lianne was on a big high. When this 10km series started last September, and we presented our first trophy – purple in colour – Lianne exclaimed ‘I would love one of them’ Well!.

Lianne has stated that she would like to thank the crowd support at hand when she crossed the line. The cheering drew her away from Ian Jones who she had passed, but Ian was hanging in. And apparently such was the level of noise, the crowd reported that Rob Davo asked them to move on! Party pooper Rob!

Lianne’s tales don’t stop there. The timing of this event just happened to be in the school holidays. Post event, she was to catch up with the family back on the south coast. She was so pumped from her win that she left the Lake and headed south, joined up with the M5, whizzed down the road, passed the Picton Road turn-off, and still on her high when she cruised into Goulburn. Oops. It really was a day of “keep going Lianne”!

Officially second, only 7 seconds behind, was Ian with a 58:52. This was Ian’s best return since October 2012. Well done Ian. Your best run this series by 30 seconds couldn’t match Lianne’s ‘greater than one minute’ improvement. Great run.

Three seconds in arrears, in third place was Elwyn Elms, in the watch time of 48:55, his best time since July 2012. Great work Elwyn, and backing up from your top run last month, and lowering that by almost the one minute.

And the runners continued to stream in:
  • Michael Durrant in 45:00, this being his best time since April’13.
  • Peter Allen in 46:57, continued to lower his time for the 7th consecutive month, this go by 39 seconds.
  • Eamon McCann in 45:34 with his best since December’12.
  • Nathan Wilson in 45:22, his best since February’13.
  • Gary Dalton in 37:39. Gary is not a regular in the handicap, but this effort was his best since first returning in October’11.
  • Kyle Macdonald in 33:14, a 16 second pb, and fastest on course this day, lowering his best of 2 months ago.
  • Shirley Dalton in 56:16, with her best since joining the handicap in August’12.
  • Lisa Bennett, in her new pb time of 42:06, a 0:25 improvement on the time set last month. After 3 months of injury, Lisa has come back and lowered her times with pbs in the last four runs.
This rounded off the first 15 home. The great efforts continued through the field:
  • Cathy Cox, best time since October’11, 46:13.
  • Zenita Acaba, dropped 24 second from last month to improve her pb to 60:15.
  • Chris Moynham, best since August’12, in 80:17.
  • Daniel Illingworth, all time pb in 42:33.
  • Paul Webb in 38:11. Last month (38:19) was his best time on the course since March’13. He lowered that slightly.
  • Chris Harris and Ian Rowles both had their best result since August’12.
Yes, some great running.

And the point-score table:

Peter Allen and Grant Moroney continued their riveting battle at the top of the table. Both runners again had their start times adjusted after their pb June runs. So, they go out and have another go. Peter runs another pb, lowering his time by 39 seconds, Grant unfortunately could not match that, but ran consistently to finish within 9 seconds of his pb. In terms of placings, Peter finished 9th, and Grant 23rd. With adjustment to drop their worse two results, Peter widened his lead to 12 points, to now lead 1,754 – 1,742. Keep it going fellas. Brilliant efforts and heaps of congratulations.

While these two battle it out at the top, we have had a shuffle of the deck chairs with other placings. With her handicap win and picking up big points, Lianne Christall has moved into 3rd on 1,689 points.Lorri Dilluchio missed the handicap while cruising on the Gold Coast, but having sufficient runs on the board to be able to include points from one of his ‘previous worse run scores’, sits on 1,687. Brett Jonathan is on 1,682, Paul Webb on 1,681 and Rafic Awad on 1,675. There is a contest there!

In the ladies Cheryl Penny sits 2nd on 1,633 from Desie Joaniddes on 1,595 and Raewyn Williams on 1,573.


On the day, our fastest were Kyle Macdonald in 33:14 and Lisa Bennett in 42:06. Both pbs. Well done to you both.

In the fastest male point-score, Lorri remains in front on 64, Paul Webb 2nd on 55, Lachlan McKenzie on 52, Kyle on 50 and Steve Pappas on 48. Still a competition.

In the fastest female point-score, Lisa has increased her lead, now on 68, from Cathy Cox on 62, and from Mary Sheehan still on 46.

The lucky stick winner for the second month in a row, last month #24, this month #3, was Mark Hadaway and the ticket draw was won by Bert Sloan. Mark opted for another bottle of red, and Bert the socks.

Other recent prize winners we have caught up with include Zenita Acaba and Vicki Willis, both opting for a white wine.

During the presentations on the day, we caught up with our first 3 finishers from the previous month, the history making septuagenarians: Julio Hernandez, Chris Moynham and Elwyn Elms. They were each presented with a Westies back pack. In their runs they had all returned times significantly lower than they had in more recent times and all broke their handicaps big time, all to be ineligible for the trophy. Congratulations again fellas for your mighty efforts.

We only have one lifetime. Do it proud!

Photo: Our winner, happy, happy Lianne
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